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Madhuri Bogawat Shares Her Experience at 24adp Digital Marketing Conference Pune

Campus Times Pune had an opportunity to be an ecosystem partner at 24adp – Pune’s First Digital Marketing Conference that took place in June 2015. We got a chance to meet and interview Arun Prabhudesai, Madhuri Bogawat, Ritu David, Jitendra Vaswani and many other digital industry experts. Today, we are releasing our 4th 24adp interview with Madhuri Bogawat.

For our readers who don’t know her, Madhuri Bogawat is the marketing & strategy head at Crimson Cobalt Group.

Before this, she worked as AVP, Brand Management at ZEE Network. Madhuri was responsible for developing marketing strategies, brand development & supervise the implementation. Also designed & managed the marketing budget for ZEE.

With more than 11 years of experience in media buying, corporate communications and PR, Madhuri loves sharing knowledge and helping businesses identify their goals and grow with pace.

So here comes the video with Madhuri Bogawat where she speaks about her experience at 24adp Digital Marketing Conference in Pune.


** Video Transcript **

Q. How was your experience at 24adp?

A: The experience at 24adp is really been good. I met a quite few interesting people, there is just so much happening around and I am really glad to meet all the people – the attendees as well as the speakers.

Q. How do you think 24adp is going to boost up Digital Marketing in Pune?

A: Its been an educative session. I am pretty sure that people are looking forward to the next year because I am really looking forward to. A lot of people who came in, probably came in as novices or came in as startup guys who really didn’t know a lot. But I am sure they have gone back educated in just two days. So its been a great and productive event.

Q. What would be your message to people who have just started up in the digital domain?

A: I would say that keep trying because digital media is one such media that there are no tried and tested formulae. If something works for you doesn’t mean it will work for somebody else or if something works for the bigger brands or others, it will work for you. So you have to try, test and keep doing what you’re doing. You will eventually find your mojo.

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