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PRoelio 9.0: Shaping Perceptions, Influencing Reality

Public relations takes center stage at the upcoming National finale of PRoelio 9.0 – India’s Biggest PR Case Competition, set to unfold on December 2, 2023, at the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune campus. PRoelio, a national case study competition, has evolved into a premier platform, challenging participants from top B-Schools across the country to
showcase their inventiveness, problem-solving skills, and presentation skills.

PRoelio 9.0-SIBM-Pune

1. Understanding PRoelio:

A Platform for PR Excellence. PRoelio is a Public Relations-based National Case Study Competition immerses participants in a simulated PR crisis. The challenge lies in navigating a mock press conference, and demonstrating proficiency in handling public relations challenges. It serves as a stage for individuals to showcase their strategic acumen in the dynamic field of public relations.

2. Theme of PRoelio 9.0 : “Shape Perception, Influence Reality”

This year, PRoelio introduces a thought-provoking theme: “Shape Perception, Influence Reality.” The theme underscores the powerful interplay between communication, perspective, and the construction of reality. Participants will explore how shaping perceptions can influence the narrative, impacting the way events are understood and interpreted by the public. It highlights
the strategic and dynamic nature of public relations in molding collective understanding.

3. A Journey of Growth and Collaboration

Over the years, PRoelio has garnered participation from top-tier B-Schools, including prestigious institutions like IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, XLRI, IIM Kozhikode, and more. The competition consistently attracts 200+ teams, each comprising 2-3 members. Anticipating a 40% based on previous trends, this year’s event promises to be even more dynamic.

PRoelio’s journey has been enriched by unique sponsorships from entities like InsideIIM, Dominos, Subway, Redbull, and many more. These sponsors add an extra layer of excitement to the competition’s narrative, fostering a collaborative spirit among participating teams.

4. PRoelio 9.0 National Finale

As the spotlight shifts to the national finale at SIBM, Pune, on 2nd December 2023, participants from top B Schools will converge to showcase their inventiveness and problem solving skills. The theme, “Shape Perception, Influence Reality,” will guide their dynamic exploration of the interplay between communication, perspective, and shaping public understanding.

This year’s finale guarantees a vibrant and competitive atmosphere. It is poised to  redefine excellence in PR Case Study Competitions, offering an engaging showcase of strategic acumen and innovative solutions. The event promises to highlight the evolving nature of public  relations, setting the stage for a memorable PRoelio 9.0 finale. This year, PRoelio is open to everyone to come and attend the event and delve into the world of PR.

For more information about PRoelio 9.0 head to @prteam_sibmpune. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this thrilling PR battle!

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