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8 Common Problems Every Hostelite Faces While Staying Away From Home

Living away from home is not at all easy being a student.  Everyone is on their own yet everyone is dependent on each other. If you have seen the movie, 3 Idiots you must at least have a fair bit of idea as to how life away from home looks like. If you have lived in hostels, you know exactly what we are talking about. Although being a hostelite is the most cherished part of every student’s life but it also involves a lot of hardships and struggles to which you got to adjust. Here are some common problems that every hostelite has to face:

Mess Ka Khana

Nothing can beat mess food when it comes to degree of tastelessness. And being a hostelite you have no choice but to somehow eat it to save money. Its confusing for your tastebuds at first, but then you kinda get used to it.

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When you finally get to eat food prepared by your mom and even before you know tears well up your eyes and only you know the reason behind the happiness!

Shared Bathrooms

If you’re weak at understanding the complex deadlock problems taught in Engineering colleges, then worry not! Ask hostelites to explain and they’ll explain it to you like no one can. They face deadlock issues every morning! Yes I am talking about shared bathrooms. It’s a tough challenge trying to learn to adjust to your room-mates ‘stink’ and use the loo after him/her. And it just gets worse when the flush is not working!

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This is the first problem that every hostelite has to face.  Once you’re done wearing all the clothes that you brought from home and all you got is a big mountain of sweaty dresses looking at you. That’s when it strikes you!

Kapde kon dhoyega??

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It’s very difficult to take out time after attending long tiresome and boring lectures and come back to hostel to wash the rising amount of clothes, dry it out and then iron it!  And weekends are not for wasting time by washing clothes, ain’t it?

Severe Budget Problems

Indian parents are miserly when it comes to pocket money! So the hardest part of being a hostelite is to survive a long 30/31  days on a meagre budget and lot of compromises. The last days of the month always end up on debts from friends and lot of Maggi!

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Cleanliness? Duh!

Cleanliness is a taboo word in hostel. Nobody.. I repeat.. Nobody has the guts to use that word in the hostel premises. A hostel room comprises of a big pile of books strewn all over, huge mounds of clothes (psst… pssst… TidySpidey!), empty bottles, few laptops, empty cigarette and chips packets lying around, few grenades, 1 or 2 AK-47s…. Its a friggin’ museum out there!


Trips To Home and Back

Once you get settled in hostel, you have mom calling you on a daily basis asking you to come home. And then someday you have to just go to please her. You shave, rinse your mouth off all the cigarette stains, put on new clothes, oil your hair and take a long journey back home, stay there and come back.

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Its a tiring routine! And the worst part is when you have to again leave the comforts of your home sweet home and get back to prison food!

When You Curse The Day You Were Born

The most scary day in the hostel life is when the clock strikes midnight on your birthday! You have no idea what your friends are planning behind your back. Literally… behind your back. And whatever you do, just don’t fall asleep on your birthday night! Never! It is scary as hell. And that is the only instance when you feel bad about birthday.

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Surprise Visits from Parents!

Just when you think everything’s going fine and awesome in your hostel life and you’re chilling outside in some tapri over a cigarette when your friend calls you up and says,

Bhai, jaldi aa tera baap aya room pe!!!

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And everything comes crashing down. Images of Old Monk bottles lying in the corner, pack of weed calmly resting on rizla paper, condoms on the table; all flash before your eyes and you stop breathing! And then the greatest run of your life begins!

For all the people who have stayed at a hostel!

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