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Story of JABS EntertainmenT – A Group of Short Film Makers in Pune

JABS – The name comes from four enthusiasts (Jithin, Abhilash, Bhushan, Shyam) wanting to portray what they think through short movies. A young team of students, just like you and me, who carved their way beyond the usual and shot a short movie with a powerful message. You may or may not have seen their first short-film named “Happy Birthday” which went viral on Facebook few weeks ago, but Campus Times wanted to make sure you know each and everything about these rising talents and their brave decision of standing out of the crowd. So our team decided to interview director and writer of the first short-film of JABS EntertainmenT and ask them couple of questions that every youngster of their age would like to know about.
Acoustic Expert and Editor-

team of film-makers in pccoe

Above – (from left) Abhinay, Tejal, Jithin, Abhilash
Bottom – (from left) Bhushan, Shyam, Vaishakh

**Interview Begins**

Q. How did this story pop into your mind about showing the extent of how dangerous pranks could be?

Shyam says: Actually, since long, Jithin was into writing, directing and acting and music has been a passion for me. So this combined interest was the inception of filmmaking.
Jithin: The story came up in December last year. Shyam asked me to pen down one concept-based story and this story suddenly struck me. It is just to say that pranks and fun both are important but only upto a certain limit. So this is how the story began.

Q. How long did it take you all to shoot this movie?

Shyam: It took us 3 days to shoot this and we did it in December. Further it took us a long time in editing and sound-mixing which all clashed with our exams. So, finally we released it in June.
Abhilash: We realised that editing and sound mixing took more than 15-20 days and that played the major role in this project.

Q. As you say that the editing part ate up most of the time, how would you describe your experience, Abhilash?

Abhilash: This being my second project, the first one was just a small video song we had done for the team to get the experience and understand all the needs and aspects. Indeed, it is a very tiring job to do as we have to place all the dialogues in lip sync with the actor. So, literally, I had to observe each scene around 5-10 times and then place the dialogue. Some dialogues were also so complicated that we had to crop every word and place according to the requirement.

Q. Why did JABS choose shooting a short movie? And why not any other medium to bring out this message?

Jithin: Everyone of us have a story to tell, may be about corruption, politics, love but we hardly know how to present it. The most powerful media to create an impact is the visual media as people can connect to moving objects rather than with a still picture or a piece of writing. So, this is why we took up this media.
Shyam: We were actually nervous when we took up this concept because the masses do not really appreciate serious movies these days and they would rather prefer comedy ones. But down the line, we knew this movie will make a difference.

Q. What about your next proceedings? Will the audience get to see a concept-based film or an entertaining one?

Shyam: Our next movie would be ‘R.I.P’ and is in its post-production stage.
Jithin says: Our motto is to entertain, whether it be a concept-based one or a funny one. Well, R.I.P would be a funny one for sure and hope people like it. *Fingers crossed*

Q. Are you planning to make JABS a brand?

Jithin: I’m not very sure of making it a brand for now. We will just make more films under this banner because films is the basic connect between all four of us.
Abhilash: If it clicks and does give us a good chance then yes, surely we will make it a brand. We have this undying passion to entertain people!!


**About their Short-film**

Birthday- A word which brings in load of surprises, fun, party, hangouts and ‘pranks’! Who doesn’t like playing pranks on friends, especially on one’s birthday? Some pranks could be really funny and make the person laugh. It could make his day memorable. But what if the prank turns out to be horrifying? And making the day awfully memorable? Watch the short-film, share and spread the word by encouraging these young film makers, who are taking a stand towards their interest and being an inspiration to others.





  1. shyam jithin abhi and bhushan were entertainers from school times…. 😀 great time spent with you’ll…
    its a great short film…personally loved it… lots of things conveyed thoroughly.. all the best yaaar… 🙂 (y) great work….

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