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Why is PCCOE so Obsessed with the Uniform Compulsion?

For those of you who have been in Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering for as long as I have (No..I’m not that old.) will know for sure what a “Wednesday” means to us. It is that one very special day where we don’t have to worry about the dress code of the college and get the freedom to choose what to wear and what not to. It is that one day in the week where we can wear our new kicks to college giving us that feeling of “(looking good)ness”. For me personally it means that I don’t have to iron my uniform for Wednesdays and I can get a few extra minutes of sleep!

| “And we all know how important sleep is to an engineer. Don’t we?”

Now for those of you who are wondering why am I going on about how much we love Wednesdays. Its because our “Wednesdays” are not gonna be the same anymore! It gives me immense displeasure in saying that the age old tradition of “Wednesdays” has been changed forever. Recently PCCOE has come up with an ingenious idea (sarcasm) of bringing in uniforms for Wednesdays too. Now if you’re thinking “formals on Wednesdays too?!?” hold your horses. The new uniform isn’t like the regular formal one, in fact it’s a T-shirt (If that makes you feel a little better…you’re welcome).

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This reform has been brought up not only in PCCOE…but also SBPIM, PCP and the MCA areas. Good news for some of us is that this uniform doesn’t apply for the third year and final year students. Now comes up the most common question asked after any change takes place.

Having a Uniform of PCCOE is Good or Bad?

Obviously this question cannot be answered by a single person alone. So we did reach out to a few students who do wear the uniform. Here’s what some of them had to say: One student from first year engineering had a different view on this initiative. When asked what were his views on the T-shirt he replied “It is an innovative idea from our college and i am personally in favour of this idea. This T-shirt shows the code of conduct of the college.” He also added that these T-shirts should be made compulsory for every student as only 10 out 60 students actually do wear it and that too not every Wednesday. And also (surprisingly) few of them are unaware of the existence of such a T-shirt. So if you are reading this article… THE T-SHIRT DOES EXIST and your friends are very much wearing them to the college.

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Good things and bad things aside. One thing is very clear as of now is that the “Wednesday” tradition will turn into a break time story for all the juniors of our college in the years to come? Do let us know your thoughts about this new concept drawn out from some genius (sarcasm) minds of PCCOE.

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