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Top Indian Blogger Jitendra Vaswani talks about ‘Importance of Blogging’ at 24adp

After quitting his job almost a year ago, Jitendra Vaswani started his journey as a full time blogger and has come a long way since then. Today, he is founder of BloggersIdeas, Tech Blog TechNoven , Multi Niche site Newsdom & Digital Marketing Agency Digiexe.


Wow! A perfect example-setter for anyone who wants to take up blogging as a full time career.

Campus Times Pune had an opportunity to be an ecosystem partner at 24adp – Pune’s First Digital Marketing Conference that took place in June 2015. We got a chance to meet and interview Ritu David, Madhuri Bogawat, Arun Prabhudesai, Jitendra Vaswani and many other digital industry experts. Scroll down to watch Mr. Jitendra Vaswani speak about blogging and his mantra for success.


** Video Transcript **

Q. Tell us more about Jitendra Vaswani as a Full Time Blogger and how is it going?

A: Hi guys I am Jitendra Vaswani, founder of BloggersIdeas.com. I started my journey 3 years back. I was doing my job in Digital Marketing as a SEO specialist. Then I got to know about blogging through a common friend. He told me that,

“You should try blogging as you have sound knowledge about SEO, Social Media.”

I started blogging in 2013 and now I’m a full time blogger. I left my job 8 months back. Since then I have been consistent and so my blog earning is going smooth. But to achieve this, you require patience and dedication towards your work.

Q. What would be your message to aspiring bloggers who want to go full time?

A: To the newbie bloggers or aspiring bloggers, I would suggest that you should work on your blogs and never ever depend on a single source of income. Do not depend on a single blog but try to have multiple blogs. Because Google is very strict with blogging and content. If your one and only blog gets penalized, then you are nowhere because you are a full time blogger. This will definitely help you be more secured and easily increase your income to survive and grow.

If you want to become a full time blogger, I would recommend having some dedication and choosing a niche that you are good at. E.g. If you are good at Smartphone reviews, then start a smartphone reviews blog. Keep doing it and I am sure the success will be your’s. The thing is, it takes time. Its not a one day job. It takes time to gain some traffic as well as audience. So never give up in your initial days if you feel blogging is very cumbersome and tough as you need to manage a lot of things on your own. I think focus is the main key in blogging and patience. If you don’t have patience, then you won’t be a successful blogger. These are my tips to newbies.

Q. For newbies, when does SEO come into picture? Right from the beginning or after putting up some content on board?

A: No, SEO is very important for blogging. I would say that SEO is the backbone of blogging. If you want to make money out of your blogs while SEO being the main key, you need to learn the basics –

What is SEO?
What is On-Page?
What is Off-Page?

So, I would recommend 2-3 blogs which are very good to learn the basic SEO stuff. One is Moz.com; another is SearchEngineLand.com and SearchEngineRoundTable.com. SEO plays a crucial role if you want to gain organic traffic from Google or Bing or other search engines.

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