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IPA-SF Pune Branch MUN 2024: Pharmacy Students Gear Up for Showcasing Diplomacy and Global Leadership

The anticipation builds as the Indian Pharmaceutical Association- Students Forum (IPA-SF), Pune Branch, gears up to present the highly awaited second edition of its Model United Nations (MUN) conference scheduled for January 6th and 7th, 2024. Get ready for a dynamic and engaging event that promises to be a significant highlight on the academic calendar.


IPA-SF Pune MUN 2024 has already witnessed enormous excitement with registrations filling up fast for the 50 delegate spots. Interested participants can register by paying fees of Rs. 1700 for IPA-SF members and Rs.1900 for non-members. The event boasts an attractive cash prize pool, including Rs. 10,000+Trophy for the Best Delegate, Rs. 7,000+Trophy for High Commendation and Rs. 5,000+Trophy for Special Mention.

The organizing committee spearheading the planning includes Chairman Krishna Purohit, Vice Chairperson Reeva Khedkar, Secretary General Navya Shettigar, Deputy Secretary General Ashriya Acharya and Director General Pushkar Panchabhai.

What Sets MUN 2024 Apart?

While MUNs have gained mainstream popularity in recent years, a pharmacy-focused MUN allows potential healthcare policy leaders to come to the forefront. Through research, debate and consensus-building, participants can understand nuances of global health issues and construct innovative solutions.

IPA-SF Pune MUN 2024 also intends to break stereotypes of pharmacists being restricted to community/hospital roles. It envisages pharmacists as vital stakeholders influencing national and worldwide health priorities through advocacy.

IPA-SF Pune MUN 2024 also promises to accelerate public discourse on expanding pharmacists’ scope of practice.

What Is The Topic of Discussion?

This year’s IPA-SF Pune MUN 2024 will be navigating critical issues through the lens of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) committee. With an increasing number of countries legalizing marijuana, the UNODC committee will analyse the complex relationship between cannabis laws and crime rates. Delegates will address pertinent questions like:
  • Does legalizing marijuana reduce organized crime and cartel violence by shifting control from criminals to the state?
  • Can taxation revenue from legal marijuana sales be used to bolster law enforcement and rehabilitation efforts?
  • Is there data to support claims that legal pot shops encourage substance abuse and health risks?

Get ready for insightful discussions and strategic diplomacy as delegates tackle pressing global challenges in this dynamic committee setting.

The Event Format

Spanning two days on January 6th and 7th at Pune’s prestigious Poona College of Pharmacy, participants will simulate various UN committees and bodies. After rigorous training workshops, delegates will role play diplomats of assigned nations and NGOs.

Through lobbying, resolution drafting, consensus building and heated dialogues, youth will sharpen skills in public speaking, research, policy analysis and conflict resolution. The eclectic mix of personalities and viewpoints will surely lead to dramatic moments in the halls.

The discussion will be carried out in two formats-

1. Moderated Caucus:

  • A structured debate format led by the committee chair.
  • Chair selects delegates to speak for a fixed time per speaker
  • Allows focused discussion on specific sub-topics

2. Unmoderated Caucus:

  • Informal negotiations between delegates without chair oversight.
  • Participants are free to move around and have open group discussions.
  • Allows delegates to share viewpoints, make deals, and reach consensus
With the stage perfectly set, the curtain is all set to rise on one of the most awaited youth pharmacy events in Puneโ€™s calendar. The organizing teamโ€™s passion and dedication will surely make IPA-SF Pune MUN 2024 a grand success.

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Stay tuned for more updates on this and other IPA-SF Pune Branch initiatives to empower young pharmacy talent!

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