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Rangmanch – SIDTM’s Annual cultural fest

On the vibrant eve of December 17, 2023, the grounds of Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management (SIDTM) buzzed with excitement and creative enthusiasm as ‘Rangmanch,’ the annual cultural fest held by SIDTM’s Student and Welfare and Fest Committee, unfolded its mesmerising tapestry of talents.

The occasion featured elite poetry, music, and dance contests to showcase a range of skills and cultural diversity. It promised amazing performances that showcased the participants’ varied talents and was full of inventiveness. The event’s success was only possible due to the meticulous planning and execution of SWFC’s dedicated team and faculty in charge, Tripti Dhote, whose direction and help ensured that every aspect of ‘Rangmanch’ was successful.
Rangmanch’s success was mainly due to the generosity of its supporters. Culture Pune demonstrated culinary expertise by incorporating ethnic narratives into each dish, resulting in unforgettable dining experiences. Yakii provided various flavours, sending the audience on an epicurean trip via Thai, Asian, and Sushi delights. SKOL presented a universe of flavours ranging from North Indian to Continental, appealing to various tastes. Through skincare and haircare, The Tress Story emphasises self-care and inner radiance. Punjabi Rasoi, a maestro of North Indian cuisine, personified tradition in each dish, providing attendees with authentic tastes. These sponsors were more than just supporters; they were storytellers, constructing stories that spoke to Rangmanch’s core, to their partnership, which transformed the event into a vivid tapestry of creativity and flavours.

The ceremonial lighting of the lamp to begin the evening was not only a show of unity but also a tribute to the divine presence of knowledge and creativity. The symbolic image of Maa Saraswati’s dazzling radiance set the tone for an illuminating and enthralling evening. The ceremony began with the introduction of the distinguished judges, Ms. Tejashree and Mr. Avadhoot Honkalas, both luminaries in music and dance. Their outstanding backgrounds and remarkable accomplishments heightened the evening’s activities.

The performances unfolded like a magnificent tapestry, with each performer adding their unique hue to Rangmanch’s canvas. SIMC’s Meghana Guntur began the musical adventure by filling the surroundings with energy and expression. Following that, Samyaka Mane’s dulcet voice from SIDTM enchanted hearts and ignited souls. SIDTM’s Ayushi Hora charmed the audience with her soothing tunes and excellent performance. Adrija Bose’s performance amounted to nothing less than a musical symphony. The beautiful glow of the stage lights highlights Snehil Singh’s inventiveness.
Lisha Purbey of SIDTM performed a dramatic presentation, mixing emotions compliments and leaving a lasting impact as the solo dance performances proceeded to fascinate the crowd. Rare Rachana’s bright South Indian dance celebrated variety and urged everyone to enjoy the fun. Juhi Saini, Purva Purandare, Punyatoya Priyadarshini, Dhammalata Shiwankar, Rashmi Sinha, and Kishita Jain all demonstrated extraordinary skills, each leaving a distinct impression. Special poetic performances enriched and varied the gathering.
The group singing performance of Abhishek Bhandari, Adrija, and Siddarth Kohli moved the crowd. Additionally, ensemble performances by SSBF’s Shatakshi Tamra, Rashmi Sinha, Rachana, Dhammalata, SIDTM’s Muskan Bang, and SIMC’s Neha Ramakant enlivened the programme.
An entertaining dance contest between senior and junior performers capped off the evening. The ceremony concluded with the announcement and felicitation of the winners and runners-up in each of the four performance categories.
Members of the Student Welfare & Fest Committee, Radhika Gupta and Siddharth Sahoo, expressed profound gratitude to all contributors for their role in making Rangmanch 2023 a spectacular success. It was more than just an event; it celebrated different skills, cultural richness, and artistic genius. The performances, collaborations, and partnerships emphasised originality and harmony, guaranteeing that it would be remembered fondly at SIDTM for many years.

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