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Pitch Please! How to Create a Superb Elevator Pitch | Kunal R Sarpal

Although the title of the article is cheeky, the content isn’t.

There you go; I have managed to change your perspective and perception of this write-up through careful, rather strategic selection of wordly expression.

Today friends, I am sharing on why everybody needs to have a strong PITCH!

An elevator pitch (EP) as it is so called.

What is an EP?


An elevator pitch is a short introduction of yourself that is pre-practised by you and contains all your highlights. It is something you want the person you are meeting to know about you, something that if not known by him will make this meeting futile or not as productive as you had expected.

It might be where you went to school, or your major achievements or something that you have researched about the person or something else. Something that you consider would get you a brownie point, a non-compromise point, which has to be mentioned in all cases!

Why is it needed?


Many-a-times we feel the need to tell a person more about us. The feeling of talking about us, introducing ourselves is great. But not all situations will grant you the luxury of time.

Meeting a stalwart from an industry or your idol or somebody you consider special can happen at any time! And for this, you need to have your artillery of introduction ready and firing!

Leaving a person with a feeling of have made a connection, of having conveyed what you wanted to and to leave an inedible mark on their minds is one of the greatest highs a person can experience.

Notice all the leaders, the charismatic people out there, they all know what to say and what to reveal and most of them are champions in introducing themselves.

Pitching is nothing but introducing yourself or your idea effectively!

What to include in it?


Depending on who you are meeting, tailor your pitch, just like a bowler does with his delivery on the cricket pitch. (Pun intended!)

WHAT YOU DO and WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO should be presented in a crystal clear and a brief manner. Try rhyming it or making it stand out, so that it registers longer.

A special statement about you, your USP needs to be a part.

What are you passionate about and why needs to be presented with great élan’, poise and a sense of pure enthusiasm.

Read the profiles of amazing networkers or LinkedIn or check out the about me section of the blogs or Facebook pages of great communication evangelists and you’ll see that they all are amazing pitchers! (Not pitches. :P)

What to leave out of it? (This is key!)


Eliminate politics, religion, money, bragging, tall promises, and facts that you haven’t verified or something that is not conclusive.

Your pitch is you served on the platter for people en masse. Make sure it’s presented well, looks and hears delicious and one they have it, it tastes good as well.


Check this website out for amazing pitch samples.

Let me share mine here, (and yes, it has to be a maximum of 30 seconds long, so time it and rehearse it, as nobody loves a blabbermouth)

“I am Kunal R. Sarpal, I practise, teach and preach law. One of the youngest Practising Company Secretaries in India, to clear the course at age 20!

We are a firm of Legal Eagles and are called White Collar Legal. (I’m the Founder Partner)

We’re specialists in Corporate and IP law and help, you, your ideas and your business make the most of law!

Catering to 150+ clients prominently in the Media, Education, Real Estate and the SME-MSME space.

Headquartered in Pune, having offices in Mumbai and Aurangabad.”


A Little Motivation from TVF Pitchers!


Good luck and happy pitching!

Wise Retard,

Kunal R. Sarpal

[email protected]

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