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This Man Plays with Lions Like They are Little Cats

Ok, we may have exaggerated the title of this post a little, but this really happened! Somewhere on this planet, a (clearly insane) football coach decided to play some ball with his jungle pals. How the lions respond to him will leave you speechless!

1. The Chase

Chasing a prey is much easier than chasing a ball.
Training Lions with a Soccer Ball

2. StepOver Scissor Pass

You trying fancy skills with me now coach?

3. The Dribble Fail

You play no better than me human!

4. Damn you Human!!

You are making yourself look more and more tasty to me.

5. You want some?..I’ll give you some.

Let me try one lazy ass way of tackling you.

6. No Woman’s Game!

You’re doing it wrong, Woman!

7. The Adamant One!

I ain’t letting go of the ball!

These were few glimpses of the extreme training the big cats are going through to qualify for the world cup.

(We hope they dont ..we wouldn’t want our favourite footballers to be eaten on Television now do we?)

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  1. Hence, teams usually play ‘out ball’ only when the ball goes
    behind either goal post. Men’s National Team captain Clint
    Dempsey said that he’s convinced that the United States can
    advance from the Group of Death – Germany, Portugal and Ghana – at World Cup Brazil this June.
    LE: I’m from outside Boston and Revolution fans still reminisce about your time there and were upset when you left Europe for Seattle instead of Boston.
    Pavón had an opportunity to score at minute 87 with a penalty kick, but he blew the chance, sending the ball
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    live action with their favorite players running for the goal.

  2. No, I know.

  3. I made a fool of myself.

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