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Trigger e-Sports – Online Gaming Competition for Gamers in Pune | Feb 25, 26

eSports (Gaming Competition) are becoming main stream now, big competitive matches like ESL are starting to crawl into the Indian Gaming scene. If you are in it you probably know the best place to bet on esports and root for your team. Recent Indian Gaming Show 2017 event in Delhi was organized using Gov interception is prime indicator of how this scene will grow rapidly. Source: Progamerreview.com

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But the problem is, not much Indian Gamers are upgraded to latest version which is being played among global platform. Especially in Pune there is very little awareness of the same, but it cannot be the only reason. There must be other issues as well, like money problems, sometimes community problems. Events like Video Game Fest and others keep taking place in the city which encourages gamers.

Hey, have you heard about Trigger eSports?

Whats that?

Well there is a event happening in Pune at 25th-26th of Feb at Phoenix East Court mall (at Havok Nation Gaming Cafe) called ‘Trigger eSports’. Where they are trying to solve all this problems all together.


What about the prizes?

There are prizes, right?

There will be competition matches, get together of Gamers and interesting prizes as well. CS GO and CS 1.6 are hot games involved in this event. Interestingly, for every winner in CS 1.6 each one will get free CS GO (Stream IDs), that means 3 teams i.e 15 CS GOs. In CS 1.6, 1st prize winner will get Rs.20,000 + 5 CS GOs, 2nd prize winner will get Rs.5,000 + 5 CS GOs and 3rd prize is 5 CS GOs.

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For CS GO match, the prizes will be split like this –

  • Rs.10,000 (1st)
  • Rs.5,000 (2nd)
  • Rs.3,000 (3rd)
  • Rs.2,000 (4th)

Direct PayTM and On-site registrations are open from 11AM – 4PM till 25th of Feb.

Wow! What better way to spend the weekend playing CS Go and winning exciting prizes?

I'm sold! Give me the details..

Date: Saturday & Sunday, February 25, 26.

Time: 11 am onwards

Venue: F-19, 1st Floor, East Court, Phoenix Mall, Viman Nagar, Pune.

Rs. 500 per team
One team consists of 5 members

Contact: To register your team, please contact
Arjun 9665742568 | Omkar 7507341181 | Ruturaj 9561762287

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