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Now You Can Post GIFs on Facebook – Finally The Day Has Come!

Reddit, Tumblr and Giphy will no longer have an upper hand over Facebook as Facebook has started rolling out the GIF support to their 12 Billion+ users. This is the day numerous netizens been waiting for… and its finally here!

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Thanks to the workaround algorithm by Giphy that makes GIFs actually loop on Facebook. For those who don’t know Giphy, it is a search engine for GIFs where you will find GIFs for all the situations, expressions, cartoons, movies and uh… everything. Where else do you think the hilarious listicles by ScoopWhoop, BuzzFeed and other similar sites get their doses from?

Anyway, lets come back to the point and see how it works?

How to Add GIF on Facebook from Giphy.com?

It is as simple as posting anything else on Facebook. All you have to do is copy a GIF link from Giphy or other sources, paste in the status/comment bar and DONE! Let us have a look at some examples!


How to Add GIF on Facebook from else where?

Follow the same steps as you did before for the ones from Giphy.com. But this time, the GIF will appear as a video. You will have a play button on the embedded media. When you click the play button, Yay! You have a GIF. This is what an embedded GIF from Imgur.com looks like.


That means, the only condition for GIFs to work on Facebook is if the link is from Giphy! Who cares! GIFs are anyway working on Facebook!

*please excuse me for the excitement*

You can find more such examples in this amazing Facebook Group!

What are your thoughts?

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