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3Colors – By Calm Ninja

Three colors, as the name suggests, is a game all about three colors. Doesn’t sound like much right? But wait till you finally get your hands on it and get so hooked to it, that you might absolutely forget that you had an appointment at the dentists.

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Three colors is a simplistic game developed by Calm Ninja, with simplistic UI, and really cool and simple graphics that, despite of all its simplicity,  keeps you addicted to it.

All you gotta do is read out the name of the color and click on the respective color button provided below the name. Sounds simple right? NOPE! There is a catch! The screenshots below will show you what i’m talking about.




It basically uses the principal of the “Stroop effect”, invented by John Ridley Stroop in 1935. (Science B****!)

What the Stroop Effect does is, it makes it difficult for our brains to read the text. Our immediate response is to notice the color of the text before we even read what the text says. This is exactly what this game brings about to its audience and this is exactly what makes it so hard and addictive. Gamers always love challenges don’t they?  Well this is one challenging game for every gamer and game enthusiast out  there. Go beat the leaderboard and beat the Stroop Effect!

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