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13 Amazing Snaps That Define The Campus Life of Bharati Vidyapeeth, Dhankawadi

Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune is an engineering and technology oriented institute of higher education established in the year 1983 making it really really old and reputed. This engineering college is the constituent college of Bharati Vidyapeeth (University) situated close to the scenic location in Katraj.

So after the blockbuster article of 13 honest things about Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, here’s taking you through “The Campus of Bharati Vidyapeeth”:

The One with the Majestic ``Gurukul Dwaar``

The grand entrance to the campus is a spectacle to behold. With the name of the university carved on it, it is some entrance you’d want in your campus.


The One with the Gallant Maratha on his Unsung Hero

The greatest Maratha atop his valiant horse can be seen on the first crossroad checkpoint of the campus. Also, it is the one private pokemon gym for the BVPians 😛
*Gotta catch‘em all*


The One with BVP version of Vatican Archives

In case you are wondering, this story-unfortunately-has no Robert Langdon. But it surely does have a houseful of souvenirs and memoirs. Presenting to you, The Bharati Vidyapeeth Golden Jubilee Museum.


The One with the Doctor's Arena

Well well well. Arriving to one of the most looked up to areas of the campus. The one with the Medical College. Also, one can visit this area to enjoy the ‘greenery’ of the campus. *wink wink*


The One with the COE Rendezvous Platform

The most affectionate part of the campus for the College of Engineering students. Not one meeting is complete without having a discussion on the ‘Podium’ stairs. Also, with the Engineering Canteen housed just below the Podium, this is one famous chilling spot.


The One with the Doorway to the Ingeniare and Ingenium

People entering this doorway with AC DC’s ‘highway to hell’ playing in their ear pods is a common sight. *nuff said*
Presenting to you, the College of Engineering entrance.


The One with the All-Nighter Cafeteria

The only thing in the campus which is never closed. From a quick grab while rushing to college to the mandatory midnight snack, this cafeteria serves all purposes. But the most important of it being, the hunger it satisfies after one has just pulled off a Bob Marley. #iykwim


The One with the Campus HotSpot

The one place everyone knows about right from Day 1. The D-junction.
‘Bhai D-junction pe khada hoon, yahin aaja tu bhi’


The One with the Turf

Ahaa! The one thing every BVPian can boast about their campus. WE GOT ONE BIG LUSH GREEN HUGE GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS EFFING FOOTBALL GROUND. Legends even say that it once saw the LFC play on it. Whooaaaaaaa <3 <3


The One with the Schwarzenegger Park

The shrine of the protein takers.  With a well-equipped gym inside the campus, the life of mechanical boys has been less difficult 😛 :P.
P.S.- The only place in campus which doesn’t require permission for a photo to get clicked.


The One with the in-campus Resort

Yes, you read that right. We got one ‘pre-installed’ resort in the campus. Well, this is the Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research (BVIEER).
*But you gotta admit, it does look like a resort*


The One with the Most Famous Meeting Point

Oh yes!! The one place you’ll never see lifeless. The Back gate is the connector between the campus and the ‘backy’. And obviously, as said before as well, the most famous meeting point. The back gate never goes unnoticed.


The One with the Straight-mile Road

The C.A.M.P.U.S road.
Starting from the ‘The majestic gurukul dwaar’ to ‘The most famous meeting point’, this road can make you understand what coming a long way means (pun intended).


If after seeing these snaps you ain’t tempted to visit this campus then nothing ever will. It’s definitely worth a visit! Drop in your love people! Comment below and share share!!

And if you’re lazy to read the post, watch this video that captures everything.

Special thanks to our super awesome Campus Times Pune Team in Bharati Vidyapeeth of Engineering who proactively helped us in every way possible to get this article published.

Hrishav Garg

Campus Times Ambassador (CTA)

Ashutosh Kaushal


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  1. Resort….. It’s not Dept of Geology… It’s Institute of Environment Education and Research… Please do correct…

  2. First of all, I would like to congratulate you and the Photographer for bring out these sights/memories through the lenses and wordings. Only a true BVPian can understand the real value of these snaps. I am an alumni of BVP (2013-15), working currently in Delhi. Thank you for sharing these 🙂

    P.S: The In-campus Resort is Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Environment Education and Research (BVIEER) and not College of Geology. This is where i did my Masters in Environment Science & Technology. It also provides Masters in Geoinformatics and Diploma in Wildlife Conservation and Action along with PhD opportunities in Environment Science, Ecology, Geoinformatics and Wildlife Conservation.

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