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Fireball : The Biggest Inter-College Basketball Fest Is Back With Its 20th Edition | 29th March – 7th April

FIREBALL SEASON XX, organized in the loving memory of Hon. Dr. Patangrao Kadam, by the LEO CLUB of Bharati Vidyapeeth University College of Engineering, Pune is the biggest Invitational inter-collegiate and inter-corporate Basketball Tournament of Maharashtra starting from 29th March, 2019 – 7th April, 2019 on the courts of Bharati Vidyapeeth campus, Katraj, Pune. The event goes on for 10 days. The match days feature corporate level matches on weekends and college level matches on weekdays. The tournament takes place in the form of knockout-cum-league matches. Separate matches for both the men and women categories take place.

Fireball, which’d last year taken place at State Farm sporting venue, is now ready for its 20th edition under the guidance and support of the beloved principal of Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune, Prof. Dr. Anand Bhalerao Sir. He has guided the club in the toughest of times and provided them the strength to pull off a tournament as big as this. From its conceptualization to sponsorships to publicity to media to nationwide recognition, it would be appropriate to say that the presence of the leaders like Prof. Dr. Anand Bhalerao Sir who have bestowed his goodwill and guidance, gives the club a zeal to work harder to make the event a grand success.

Fireball invites players from all over Maharashtra and provides an incredible opportunity even for new players to compete and come into league with the seasoned ones. The tournament welcomes more than 30 teams from colleges as well as more than 30 teams form corporate companies. It achieves the basic idea to increase the sportsmanship in our country as well as to introduce and promote the game of basketball in society.

LEO CLUB of Bharati Vidyapeeth is a youth secular social service club that encourages youth to develop leadership qualities in social service activities. The foundation of Leo club of Bharati Vidyapeeth, was laid more than 20 years ago, and since then the club has been endeavouring to uphold its motto of “Leadership, Experience and Opportunity”. From time to time the club organises and participates in various activities that can help the society in one way or the other such as visits to old age homes, orphanages, etc. Apart from the social services that the club conducts, it also organises various bonding trips, parties and recreational events. Also, the club works for the upliftment of the society on two platforms viz. Golden Eye and Leo Education Programme (LEP) which specifically targets to provide free health check-ups and education to the underprivileged children. Throughout the calendar, the club sums up organising social events and activities.

Currently the club is in the process of organizing the most esteemed event of the year by continuing its tradition of conducting the most extravagant basketball tournament in Maharashtra. The LEO CLUB of Bharati Vidyapeeth is set to host FIREBALL XX.

As the temperature outside rises, so does the excitement level of the public, the hard work of the organizers and the amazing spirit of our participants is set to cross another milestone in the history of FIREBALL, when on 29th March, 2019, people of Pune will witness the 20th edition of Fireball.

Organised for the first time ever in the year 2000, by Leo Maneck Kotwal and Leo Sanjeev Malkani, it had the participation of an overwhelming number of 26 teams. Since then, Fireball has come a long way making it the Largest Basketball Tournament in Maharashtra, attracting a heavy footfall of about 10,000 to 12,000 spectators during the tournament and every year, the number goes high.

The tournament plays host to many of the best colleges in Maharashtra and many reputed corporates. Not only Fireball is a stage for outstanding sports performance but also a platform to spread a social message around the state.

From its conceptualization to sponsorships to publicity to media to nationwide recognition, it would be appropriate to say that its more than just a tournament. Gradually, it has seeped into the lifestyle of the people of Pune, into its culture and has become an integral part of the society. It stands high to represent the city of Pune, as the place which is the home of this carnival called FIREBALL. Not only on a social level but on a personal level as well, the tournament has had its impact. It has affected the way of life for the youth of Pune. They look forward to it. The conduct of the tournament itself speaks volumes of it. People from all over Pune come & enjoy the game of basketball. These 10 days not only show us the game of basketball but a combination of skills, co-operation, mental strength & temperament. Not only it provides a platform to the budding players to showcase their skills on-court but also provide opportunities to anyone and everyone. People don’t just come to cheer and applaud their favourite teams but also to enjoy the beautiful game of basketball. Even in the alumni match, we see alumni from across the globe visiting Pune just to be a part of this event. Sports always brings people together and over the many years of this tournament, it has definitely brought not just some but the whole diverse society of Pune together. It’s not just a tournament, it’s a celebration.

So, for all the basketball fanatics out there, the Basketball ground of Bharati Vidyapeeth University will be the place to be. Because amongst the passion and the grunts, the respect for each other and sportsmanship would echo the loudest.

{To Participate and register for the event contact the following person
Prapti Chauhan – +91 7447332069
Saket Pandey – +91 9764151476
Rachit Saxena – +91 9999727052}

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