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This Employee’s Frustration About Appraisals Meetings is the Best Thing You’ll See Today


Appraisals and Increment season is on in Indian IT industry. And here comes a hilarious spoof about how these appraisal meetings are held. On one hand, employees are hopeful about a decent raise in their pathetic salaries and on the other, organizations somehow manage to point out all the bad things and mistakes an employee has done in past few months.

We thought information technology was born to reduce the huge stacks of paper (work) employees had on their desks like a couple of decades ago. Apparently, we were wrong. The picture looks worse today when we see depressed faces, exhausted lives, disturbed relationships and stressed bodies (I would say Zombies) roaming around in this world.

“Corporate Life” is what we call it! This makes me recall an epic dialogue from Game of Thrones, where Peter Baylish describes King’s Landing:

“We’re just a bunch of Liars..”

In the video given above, Chetan Chavan and Rajesh Kumar Sahoo enact the appraisal meeting. This is the extreme reality everyone who is currently working for some company could relate to. Kudos to their efforts!

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