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Feminists Aside, Women Empowerment Is The Need of the Hour | Upasana Goenka

The world’s population comprises of 50% women but India has consistently shown disproportionate sex ratio where in female’s population has been comparatively lower than males. As far as their social status is concerned, they are not treated as equal to men in all the aspects. In the Western societies, the women have got equal right and status with men in all walks of life. But gender disabilities and discriminations are found in India even today. The paradoxical situation has such that she was sometimes concerned as Goddess and at other times merely as slave.

Today, we have seen several Acts and Schemes of the ruling governments and in addition state government to engage the women of India. Yet, in India the fairer sex are separated and minimized at each level of the general public whether it is social cooperation, political support, furthermore, regenerative medicinal services. Women are observed to be monetarily extremely poor everywhere throughout the India. In this way, they require monetary support to be self-dependent and on par with men. On Other hand, it has been watched that women are observed to be less literate than men.

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As indicated by 2001 numbers, rate of literacy among men in India is observed to be 76% though it is just 54% among the women. In this way, increasing education among women is of primary importance in enabling them. It has been observed that some of the women are excessively frail, making it impossible to work. They devour less nourishment yet work more. Another major issue is workplace harassment of ladies.

There are such a large number of instances of assaults, kidnapping of young ladies, settlement provocation, etc. Hence, they require strengthening of different sorts with a specific end goal to ensure themselves and to secure their virtue and pride. There is a need to plan diminishing feminized neediness, advancing training of ladies, and aversion and disposal of viciousness against the women (source: https://www.levittllp.com/service/human-rights-violations/).

Empowerment of women does not come merely with a graduation or a PG degree, said Dr V Shanta, veteran doctor and chairperson of the Adyar Cancer Institute. Speaking at the convention, Dr Shanta said real empowerment comes when women have an understanding of their capabilities and are able to take independent decisions. “Gone are those days when women sat as mute spectators,” she said. She added that women today needed to take decisions on all concerns — be it for their education or career.

As of now I have been coming across numerous weddings at just 21. Women need to understand the need of being independent and being able to handle themselves even if left all alone. Education doesn’t end at the age of 21. There is no point marrying a rich man when you don’t have an identity of your own. When you do so, it is you making the male dominated society powerful. There are several opportunities for females to educate themselves but I don’t understand why is it that they don’t get it. Their families hardly support them and just put their wishes as commands on their children. It is high time that people understand the need of women empowerment in India and start helping women educate themselves. A female has the right to speak for herself and get what she needs. Why not use it in getting the right things?  And frankly education or empowerment isn’t going to be served in a golden plate for anyone. It needs to be within the person thriving for it.

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The crimes happening on the female society of India is unimaginable. Almost everyday we come across incidents of rape, suicide, assault, kidnapping, etc. This is highly also because people in India consider women weak to fight for their rights. There are very few who actually stand up. There are so many who can’t do anything without the help of men. I mean if that is going to be the view point of an Indian women then India is no way progressing.  Therefore, it is very easy for anybody to commit a crime against a women and walk away. And by chance if the cases get to the court the convicts are never punished with giving justice to the women. The recent case of the gang rape convicts arrested five years ago who raped the lady again seeking revenge. I mean what was the point of sending them to prison if they don’t learn from something they were punished for. Women need to start fighting for their rights instead of just accepting what Is happening to them and cribbing over it.

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Nobody ever understands the emotional impact of a female due to child abuse, rape, child marriage, assault, harassment, etc – follow this link for more information. We have had people standing for their rights and some just letting it go. And that is not right. Instead of just accepting something like this we should just start empowering the women in India and make them realize the need to stand on their own feet. Because in India women exploitation is rarely seen to have any rate of reduction. Its better the women start taking steps and choosing to fight with whosoever it will be for their rights and empowerment. Or else the crimes will never stop and there will be no change in the position on women.

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