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Gear Up! Video Game Fest 2016 is Here in Pune | India’s Biggest Gaming Galore


Dude, why are you so excited?

There is a legitimate reason to be this excited you see.

Okay, don’t keep prolonging the suspense. Tell us already!

Video Game Fest, Pune.

What…Wait. Is this some kind of joke? Are you serious?

Yes! It really is happening!!

*Bows down to the Gaming Gods*

Yes, thank the Gaming Gods but also Video Game Fest.

Of course! Tell me more…

VGF is launching this one of a kind event in Pune for the first time in 3 years!

Wow. Then this surely is something we can’t miss.

Damn right you can’t.  VGF is an event, circled around gamers – from competitions, tournaments, gaming exhibits, game service exhibits, game demos, cosplays to game retailing,  this arena will look to elevate the gaming space in India!

Whoa. And do we get to experience all of this here in Pune?

Absolutely! They will have games like Dota 2, CS, FIFA 16, Mortal Kombat X and so many more!


This is so soothing to my gamer ears!

What do I do to attend?

You can book your tickets on their website. Just click this button below!

Yay! Oh and where and when is it happening?

31st January (Sunday!) at Seasons Mall. 9 A.M. onwards.
They have also taken active part in Happy Streets Pune at Kalyaninagar with Ubisoft Pune.


Video Game Fest 2016 Important Links

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