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How Would You Define Fashion? | Chaitanya Gubbala

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What are you wearing right now?

I’m sure something that is trending in the society is something that is acceptable by your peers under the terms ‘cool’. Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me that you don’t care what your peers think about your dressing sense.


Fashion; the one word that drives life at college. The one word that describes us youth. Fashion is no more restricted to a term which is only used only during special occasions. It has become so much more, especially among the young generation. When you are young, you enjoy a wide array of clothing styles from https://www.shopmyhappiplace.com/.

Skateboard Fashion

Fashion is about expressing yourself. Fashion is showing people that you are fond of something. This could be anything. And believe me, fashion isn’t just about clothing. To some, it is an art form. But for most people, it is a method of utilizing clothing, accessories and hair to show or hide something about themselves.  You can use fashion to disguise your true self: a conservative in vamp clothing, a vamp in conservative clothing…you get my point.

Sweater Obsession & Monotony

I have this one really ‘fashionable’ friend in college who wears a sweater all year long. Not just winters, be it summers or rainy, you will still find him rocking his sweater. At first, it gives you an impression that he might be sick or unwell. But when noticed on a daily basis and questioned, he says,

Nahi yaar, sweater aacha dikhta hain isliye pehenta hoon.”

Just because ‘aacha dikhta hain’, how many rivers do you plan to sweat by wearing a sweater in summer season? How crazy can one be?


Express Yourself with Fashion

In our society, there are many issues that affect the youth. Earlier, children wanted to be scientists, doctors or engineers when they grew up. Now, they want to be glamorous as well; more like a glamorous doctor or a glamorous engineer.  Some use fashion as a method of self expression, while some use it as a common ground among their peers. Fashion is something that we use to fit in; which makes us struggle in our everyday life. This one friend of mine describes fashion as,

“It depends on my mood at that time. It changes according to my mood swing. Sometimes, it’s just baggy pyjamas, or sometimes it’s a skinny one piece.”

This is exactly what I’m talking about. You want to express yourself? Use fashion. Use clothes. Tell people what mood you are in. But hey, there’s no pressure, kid. Expressing yourself is not a pressure. Wear what you are comfortable in. Don’t do it because your peers want you to do it. Don’t do it because you want to be termed ‘cool’. You know what’s cool? Read this paragraph again.


Stay Stupid, Stay Unique

There are two sides to every coin. Some make use of fashion because they want to put up a meaning to it, while some are ready to wear something stupid as hell, just to be ‘cool’. It is up to you to decide which side you want to be on.

I used to be one of those people who always wanted to look good all the time. But someone once told me, the day you go out to some place wearing the worst dress you ever have, because the work there was more important than getting dressed and looking good, that is the day you’ll realize what’s worth focusing on and what’s not. Prioritizing what exactly needs to be, is also fashion.



“Fashion is something we hate so much that we change it every alternate week.”

I don’t say you should stop wearing nice dresses. If you like dressing up and looking good at all times, go ahead! But knowing when it is not necessary is equally important. And at those times, it’s okay to wear weird color combinations. How about we make that a fashion statement too? Don’t be afraid to wear odd dresses and colors.

Believe me, I have a pink t-shirt.

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