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Are You Really Prepared For The Corporate World? This Article Might Make You Think Twice!


This is the number of graduates every year in India!

To put it into perspective, you are one single contender for jobs among 1,499,999 others.

There have been tons of studies conducted on this topic and we all inherently some how, deep in us know, that a very few percent of the 1.5 million graduates are actually “employable”.

Being Employable refers to a person’s capability for gaining and maintaining employment. For individuals, employ-ability depends on the knowledge, skills and abilities they possess, in addition to the way they present those assets to employers.

So the question arises. Am I really sure of the fact that I will survive out in the corporate world right after graduation (don’t forget…among millions of other graduates!) ? At this point of time it’s very natural to feel that the odds might be stacked up against you. But hold on just one second because we think we might just have a small guide for you.

I Am Too Nervous To Express Myself

Well, don’t be! If you’re gonna be nervous you’re simply gonna miss out on the chance of achieving your complete potential! Remember this, If you are too nervous or scared to show your true self, your employer will probably never notice you… again.. among the millions of others who are playing the same game as you are! Don’t miss out on chances just because you were too nervous to express yourself!

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But I'm Technically 100% strong!

People (or companies) cannot expect to grow solely by being technically sound. It is also important to have the essential ‘softer aspects’ which will help them stand out from the crowd, whether it is the understanding that most business deals today are sealed outside the boardroom or basic working knowledge of international customs & etiquette! Marks are important, but it’ll only get you so far.

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How Much Do Soft Skills Really Matter?

Trust me, a lot! Soft skills are those skills which really are crucial to be imbibed in your personality. It’s one of those things that one should simply have without having to explicitly mention it. For this you need to be confident and really put it in that extra effort to make yourself rise above the others!

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These were just some of the things that could give you a head start into building up your entire personality and enhancing your soft skills to stand out among the crowd!


We have however recently come across a well reputed institute known as “The Advanced Learning Institute” or simply T.A.L.I. which is situated in Baner. They have an immensely experienced stronghold over training students with whatever it takes to help them attain that extra bit of shine as compared to the others in your domain.

TALI founder Siddharth Vaze

This institute, headed by Mr. Siddhartha Vaze who has about 18 years of managerial experience, shows great promise to help fast track and guide graduates to get their dream jobs!


It has also partnered with the very famous Dr. Divya Jaitly, a Miss India finalist and a former Miss Delhi! Who better to teach personality building than such an eminent personality with all her experience herself!

With such an institute readily available I believe it will surely make grooming graduates pretty streamlined and more effective and it’ll help bridge the gap between the industries and colleges! Click the button below to inquire about the details.

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