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What IT Giants Won’t Tell You When They Recruit You

The Placement season is on!

Once again the likes of TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant would be picking hoards of engineers from different streams and turning them into the most common species found in the country today –

“The Software Engineer”.

These are some key things that are well known to an experienced IT professional but not to the job hungry fresher.

The True Meaning of 'Outsourcing'

Outsourcing graphic

Outsourcing isn’t just work coming from other countries to our IT giants. This matrix makes it way crystal clear.

The High Strategic work of any Fortune 500 Company is never outsourced, what is outsourced is something that is just operationally important.

An ugly metaphor would be washing clothes, cleaning toilets is outsourced whereas raising kids, cooking in kitchen is not!

Whatever company you go there will be engineering problems to solve and there would be mundane work to do. In fact, it’s no surprise that, engineers are in high demand on LinkedIn. So don’t be surprised by these companies and all their engineers, there are some really good projects implemented by these companies.

Infosys’s Finacle is one of the best projects in core banking but its contribution to profit is insignificant as compared to its other outsourced projects. These companies are into volume based business. Per Employee revenue of a product based firm could be 2 to 10 times as much as these service based companies.

So is it, that our well known software giants do not do any intellectually demanding work?

As a result of all of this, on an average more than 90% of projects are support and maintenance. And this would also put light on the fact that Mechanical Or Entc Engineers could also be taught the tricks of the trade within months!

And to add up to that, here is a short clip from Dilbert Daily comics that pretty much sums up the corporate needs.


No only that, but to feed this cycle in our society, is our obsession of

“Mera Beta Engineer Banega!”

It is rightly said that in India, you become an Engineer first… and then decide what to do with your life! This video below is a perfect example.


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