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How To Train Your Fruit Flies Or Simply Just Get Rid Of Them?

With summer season looming bright upon us, scorching our bare hands and every exposed part of our body till they tone down 50 shades darker (see what I did there?), it is only normal that we talk about the most disturbing issue our country faces this season.

Fruit flies. God’s very own devious creations only second to Honey Singh. They love your face (even if other people might not). They don’t discriminate. They don’t care if you are Michael Jackson black or Michael Jackson white. They don’t care if you are Rakhi Sawant or Saajid Khan. They will still love your face the same (Only if such love could be found in people).

Fruit flies have these four characteristics that make them the reason for making me sacrifice my sleep and write this article:

  • They are determinant (-ly irritating).
  • They work hard (at being irritating).
  • They are really tiny (and irritating).
  • They follow your face to your grave. (umm…maybe not so irritating by then)

These flying creatures are about the size of a tiny needle hole. But, MAKE NO MISTAKE!, they have the power to control your life. They can make you keep itching your eye and itch every inch of your face while you are busy texting your friend who is waiting for the past hour for you at the station, until you finally drop your phone in that irritation, which only leads to more irritation, which leads to delaying your friend’s wait by another half hour. (**breathe**)

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With this much amount of irritation, it is only normal when one thinks of things like a flamethrower to set every one of those freaking flying beasts on flames and burn them to hell! (okay..maybe not that normal). But we do need ways to get rid of them. So how do we get rid of them? Here’s how

  • Blow em nice and dry!

    A blow dryer will get rid of these pests by sucking them with the suction fans into a heated radiation inside the device which will burn them to crisps. Brutal.

    Img Source: WikiHow

  • Suck em Down to Hell!

    Or just suck them right into your vacuum cleaner dust bag.

    Img Source: Shutter Stock

  • Suffocate them to death!

    Burning up a couple of incense sticks would overwhelm the pesky flies and would probably kill them.

    Img Source: WikiHow

  • Swat em dead!

    Not just the regular swats, layer your swat head with gel so that the flying gnats get stuck in it and DIE!

    Img Source: WikiHow

  • Basil Leaves!…wait..what?!

    Apparently, fruit flies resent basil. Keep a pot of basil leaves around at home. Might come in handy while cooking as well as getting rid of fruit flies.


This article was written and submitted by : Rishikesh Agarwal

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