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4 Ways The Movie PINK Showed Me, How Wrong You and I’ve Been So Far as a Girl!

I watched the movie Pink and it has given me a slap on my face that I deserve. I have been looking at equality prejudicially my whole life. These are some satirical learnings from the movie


“Agar baat badhegi toh badnaami kiski hogi? Ladkon ki ya ladkiyon ki”?

I’ve been hearing this from my relatives, my friends, my peers and also strangers. If there is an issue involving a boy and I choose to fight against it, everyone tells me not to, because eventually, the world will forget that the boys were involved, be it for the wrong thing. But they will never forget that I was a prime factor in the issue, even if I was right and was proved so, either by the law or by moral inspection.

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“If I come home after 9, I'm not coming straight from work. I have definitely taken a detour on my way home.”

I mean, of course. Why else would I take the trouble to make up an excuse to hang out with the man alone?

“Oh, we can’t call Reshma along, she has the flu.”

“What? Satish? He doesn’t know anything of the project we’re gonna be working on at your house. Alone.”

And God, get the hint already. I want to sleep with you! If I am caught in public with ‘one’ boy, by my neighbours, or my relatives or even my parents (Whom I’ve informed about my whereabouts and my companions for the day), it is still a reprimanding look I’ll receive even if I’m clearly just there for work. But honestly, I deserve those looks.


“Ladkiyan akele ladkon ke sath kaam nahi karti.”

“Itna kya zaroori tha kaam ki tujhe uske ghar jana pada? Kahi cafe mein nahi mil sakti thi?”

“Cafe mein dekha maine tujhe uske sath, kaam ke time par has haske kyu baat kar rahi thi?”

My fault, I should clear it out that I’m clearly there for pleasure. What else it can be..?

“If I go alone with a guy, I am inviting him to open my chamber of secrets”

“Kiske sath thi itni daer?”

“Office mein thi? Kon kon the tere sath?”

“Sirf ladke the tere sath? Aisa kya kaam hai ki boss ne ek akeli ladki ko 3-4 ladkon ke sath kaam karne rakha. Dimaag nahi hai?”

Naturally, my boss didn’t think of the genders when he was creating a team, he was looking for talents that will work well for the project given. But he made a grave mistake. How could he not see that one girl cannot work with a group of men? And especially for the work that requires every team member to stay back late and work late hours.

“Aur tujhe bolne nahi hua? Ki tu ladki hai aur tujhe ghar jaldi pohochna chahiye?”

And there enters my fault. For not taking advantage of my delicate lady parts and excusing myself from work. Because who am I kidding? What would I have possibly contributed to a project men are already working on? I apologize.

pink movie scenes

“Koi zaroorat nahi hai kaam karne ki agar aisa hi chalta raha. Rishte dhundne padenge tere liye.”

Goodbye career. Hello hubby’s money!

“I drink. Therefore, I am a wh*re!”


Actually, let’s remove that asterisk from there. I am a whore. There are no conditions applied here. Every time you see me drink, assume that I am of bad character. No exceptions to place or time. It is a universal truth that if I drink, it is to invite men in my pants; or skirt, depends on what I’m what I’m wearing. And if I am drinking with a boy, do not hesitate for a second what I’m thinking about the whole time. I’ll make my thoughts clear:

“When is he going to bed me?”

And because I am not a virgin, because I’ve had sex many times before, another time shouldn’t be a problem. My consent here doesn’t matter. We’ve already established my character is bad, so me refusing sex is a hoax. I shouldn’t have a problem with it when I’ve slept with men before. So please, go ahead and have sex with me, even if against my will.

After all, if I din’t want sex why did I come here alone with you? (To just hang out? Please!) Why did I wear such short clothes? (Because I dressed up for myself and not to invoke you? Duh, no!) Why did I drink alcohol and be extra friendly? (Because I wanted to enjoy a few drinks and laugh unrestrainingly at your jokes? Nopety-nopety-nope!

I am inviting you. Period.

All sarcasm aside, this movie should be watched by every man, whether he be decent or not. That is to make the men understand what a girl goes through everyday in her life. These are not minor issues, if we have suffered the ‘tu ladkon ki tarah rehne ki mat sochna’ problem for years, then its anything but minor. We can’t change our parents, or our relatives. But hopefully this movie will change a few. And you can instigate equitable thoughts in the coming generations.

From a strict review point of view, Amitabh Bachchan was both intimidating and undistorted as he played the role of Deepak Sehgal, the lawyer fighting for the girls. Taapsee Pannu won our hearts with her nervous and scared countenance. It’d be impossible to imagine any other way a girl would look like if she was molested and threatened repeatedly.

Kirti Kulhari in Pink Movie

Kirti Kulhari is the one who stood out for me. With her calm and righteous character suddenly plunging into anger and exasperation every time she was tested is everyone in real life. She disintegrated in court and her plea to make her friend free from her charges pushed her to accept some false blames. She took us through a journey of persecution put on her with just her tears and the excellent delivery of her dialogues.

And while you approve of this review and decide to finally go and watch this movie, do not miss the poem at the end.


Until brighter tomorrows….
*clinks your wine glass with mine while wearing a short skirt at a party filled with men*


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