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Telekinesis | When Technology Meets Human Brain – Priyanka Wania

Gone are the days when ‘Telekinesis’ was just a part of science fiction, until recently, where a few researchers from Minnesota College of Science and Engineering set a groundbreaking embark by just evidently changing this science fiction as reality. They were able to control a helicopter by harnessing the copter by brain waves using non invasive electroencephalography. How cool is that guys, think about it?

But what is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is nothing but the science that deals with controlling of the objects, by our mind. This technique involves use of electroencephalography, wherein the brain waves generate suitable controlling signals that harness the control of the helicopter.


Now, if anyone else who would think of controlling a helicopter, would picture a remote control, to manoeuvre it. But here is the awe striking moment, these group of students harnessed it by just thinking about what they actually wanted to do. The thought process that generated brain waves, resulting in electrical impulses inside their brains that were detected by the electrodes and were used to harness the copter by using a series of foam hoops. By just imagining the use of their left hand, right hand or both hands, they were able to make the helicopter turn left or right.


Think about it guys, what a benchmark this is in the field of science and technology! With furthermore advances, it is possible to harness the interface between the humans and the machines. The study that has been in research for so many years, for now has after all enlightened in a very unique and simple way but with significant embellishments.

Kudos to engineering, once again!

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