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8 Life Like Sketches Of Korean Singers That Would Leave You Amazed | Deeya Chaturvedi

Now…I’m pretty sure none of us have ever indulged in Korean music ever in our lives. The only song we could probably think of would be the “Gangnam Style”. That’s it.

But quite recently, another Korean musical artist has been added to the “Things I know about Korea” department of my brain. All credit for this goes to an artist in Pune, Deeya Chaturvedi.

Park Jimin

Park Jimin or simply Jimin, is another member of the BTS group. He is one of the dancers as well as vocals of the group. His personality is very bubbly and he is known to put in a lot of hard work when it comes to singing and dancing. The members tend to tease him about his height very often, so fans sometimes refer to him as being invisible. He is 19 years old.

Park Jimmin Pencil Sketch

Min Yoongi

Min Yoongi or Suga, is one of the rappers of BTS. Fans often call him ‘old man’ or ‘grandpa’ due to his love for sleep and hatred for much activity. However, he is very good at playing basketball, and works very hard when it comes to rapping or writing lyrics. Speaking of which, he is also known for his ability to rhyme almost anything, and rap with superior speed. In his verses, he often talks about his hometown and family, whom he misses very much. He is 22 years old.

Korean Artist Sketch By Pune Artist

Sofa (Song)

Sofa is a song by Crush (Shin Hyoseob), who is a rapper and singer with AOMG entertainment. This song talks about the heartbreak a guy goes through after his significant other leaves him. He sings about how empty the sofa feels now, how he sits and hopes for the person to come back to him.

Korean Artist Sketch By Pune Artist

Erase (Song)

A collaboration between Jooyoung, an independent singer, and Hyorin, who is a member of the South Korean girl group called SISTAR. This song talks about the story of a couple who have recently broken up, and what they feel as they move on with their lives. The title, 지워 [Ji-wo], means Erase in Korean. The man and woman talk about how they are in the process of erasing their memories and love for each other. The tone and lyrics suggest that their relationship wasn’t great to begin with, but they still have a hard time forgetting each other.

Deeya Chaturvedi sketches campus times pune

Rap Monster

Kim Namjoon or Rap Monster, is the leader and main rapper of BTS. He can converse in English and Japanese along with Korean. He tends to be very philosophical and artsy in nature, which reflects in the lyrics he writes. He has done a collaboration with L.A. based rapper Warren G., as well as produce a song for the new Fantastic Four movie. Although his songs are deep and serious, he is actually known for being a very clumsy and goofy person. He is fondly called the ‘God of Destruction’ by fans and members alike, due to his habit of accidently breaking everything he touches. He is 20 years old.

Korean Artist Sketch By Pune Artist

Let’s Not Fall in Love (Song)

Let’s Not Fall in Love is a song by a veteran group of the K-pop industry called BIGBANG, consisting of five members. In this drawing, we see G-dragon (Kwon Jiyoung) who is one of the rappers of the group. This particular frame in the music video for the song has been praised by many fans, mostly due to the expression on G-dragon’s face. To give a bit of context, this song talks about the complicated feelings a guy feels about a girl. According to the lyrics, the guy and girl like each other, but he is hesitant to turn those feelings into love as it most likely would lead to heartbreak.

Korean Artist Sketch By Pune Artist

Kim Jooyoung

Kim Jooyoung or Jooyoung is a singer with Starship Entertainment. He is also the male singer in the previously mentioned song, Erase. He is known for his extremely melodic voice and ability to sing in a wide range. He is one of the more well-known solo singers of K-pop. He is 23 years old.

Korean Artist Sketch By Pune Artist

Kim Seokjin

Kim Seokjin or Jin, as he is commonly known, is the oldest member of BTS, a South Korean boy band. He is one of the four vocals in the group, and also is the main visual. He is often referred to as the ‘Mother Hen’ of the group, as he is known for his ability to cook and take care of the younger members. He is 22 years old.

Pencil Sketch of Kim Seokjin Korea

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