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Pocket Friendly Places To Eat and Hangout in Pune! – (Area-wise)

The life of a student is hard. Harder, managing through the weekly or monthly expenses with the little money given by our parents, which they feel is enough to last a lifetime. But, little do they know the struggles that lie ahead. Every time someone says “Let’s go out!” the hibernating mathematician in every student’s mind wakes up calculating the dimension of the hole that the expedition is going to make in his or her pocket.


Don’t worry, cause we at Campus Times Pune know just the solution to your problems. Check out the list below of pocket friendly places to eat & hangout in Pune that won’t definitely give you diarrhea 😛

Kothrud and Karvenagar area is home to MIT Pune, Cummins Girls College, Garware, Kaveri Institutes and other colleges, this area is no stranger to people with a healthy appetite and light pockets.

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Waari Book Cafe

Situated in the lane beside McDonald’s ( Karve Road) this cafe is best known for it’s relaxing ambience, free WiFi and loads of books. The perfect place for reunions, a tête-à-tête over a cup of coffee and board games. Lest we forget, it is a book lover’s paradise.

Waari_Book _Cafe

Community Café

Located near MIT college this place is the hub for students. With great ambience and decent food priced reasonably, the café stands true to their motive of having been “built by the people.”


Waffle Frolic

For all waffle lovers out there, the waffles at this place are absolutely delicious and the price is stunningly cheap. Located near MIT college this is a definitely ‘must go to’ place.


Durga Café

Good ol’ Durga café is one that never lies empty. Filled with students and youngsters this café is best known for their cold coffee and Vada Pav. Durga Cafe Kothrud branch is the one that made the franchise popular around Pune.


A road that beckons to all food and fashion lovers, you are bound to find at every stone’s throw an eatery that will satiate you and is within your budget.

Vaishali & Roopali

It won’t be wrong to state that F.C Road is famous for these two sister restaurants. Best known for their delicious South Indian cuisine, one should consider themselves the luckiest on the planet if they happen to visit these restaurants and are not welcomed by a gigantic waiting line.


Café Goodluck

Situated at the junction of Deccan and FC road, this Iranian café established in 1935 is the godfather of all the restaurants located on this street. It is best known for its Roomali Roti, Kheema and Bun Maska. This Café attracts customers of all ages and stands true to its food quality till date.


Sam's Pizza

Located right opposite Ferguson College, this pizzeria offers the cheapest and the tastiest Italian food. Newly opened behind Starbucks this place surely gives tough competition to the big players like Pizza Hut and Domino’s.


Known for its army cantonment and Christian culture, this area has been around since the early 1900’s. It is the hub for the nearby Convent schools and colleges. And must we even include that M.G. Road in the vicinity is popular for street shopping?

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It won’t be wrong to say that Camp is well known for this café. The ambience of the café gives one the feel of old British architecture. If you happen to visit this place their pineapple juice and chicken sandwich are absolutely delicious.


Vohuman Cafe:

Located on Sassoon road near Ruby Hall Clinic, this café established in 1978 is very famous for their cheese omelette, bun maska, Irani Tea at at a very affordable rate.


The locality derived its name due to the airbase and airport. It is now popular for the various 5-star hotels and malls along with the many Symbiosis Institutes based there.

The Irani Cafe

Located opposite Rosary School this café is similar to Goodluck and Vohuman i.e. great taste at a cheap price.


The Belgian Waffle Co.

The specialty of this waffle house is the softness of the waffle they produce and what’s better, it is priced only at Rs.250.

Belgian Waffle Co.

Largo Pizzeria

It might be confusing to some how we consider the food at Largo’s inexpensive. Well, their large pizza is enough to fill 3 starved individuals, and when TTMM happens its quite affordable. Another plus to this place is that it’s located inside a bungalow and the ambience makes you think of a warm summer house.


The newly developed sister localities stand tall due to the emerging IT companies and have now developed into a hub for the cosmo kid.

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Soy Affair

This place is mainly on the list because of its delicious Chinese-Thai cuisine and its cozy ambience. The dumplings melt in your mouth and the garlic butter noodle leaves you wanting for more.


Pink Turbann

Craving Punjabi roti-shoti and not enough rokhda? This is the place for you, my friend. Not only is the food yummy and cheap, the ambience is the best spot to click pictures for Insta 😉


Caffa ( Baner)

Just another chill place for a first date or to indulge in  some “me time” with a cup of relaxing coffee. Plus point, they have books too!

Home to MIT, Cummins, Garware, Kaveri Institutes and other colleges, this area is no stranger to people with a healthy appetite and light pockets.


So, there you go. Go ahead and pop by in each of these places and don’t fret, budget scenes entirely!

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