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13 Amazing Places to Hangout Near Aundh | Restaurants, Cafe, Food Joints

Pune is slowly growing out to be a global foodie hub, thanks to a plethora of mixed cultures and ethnicity, which gives us Punekars lot of options to choose from! Aundh is one such place in Pune which has it all – posh localities, malls, IT parks, high young population and… and lots of food joints!!! Yay! So now I take this liberty to jot down 13 hangout places near Aundh that you should definitely visit. Ohh and by the way did I tell you about the epic connection between number 13 and Campus Times Pune??


One of the branches of this franchise is situated in Aundh and it one to visit if you love good food. The speciality of this place are the Chicken drumbones and Rasta Chicken. Dive in deep to those flavours along with lively music though the place is small and crowded after 7pm.



A typical Mexican restaurant, Picantos gives all the Tex-Mex vibes with the Loaded Nachos, Mushroom Salad and the Churros. Free Wi-Fi is the only thing which will make you realise you’re definitely not in Mexico.


April Rain

With cheap alcohol and pocket friendly food dishes, April Rain has gained much popularity amongst the youngsters as a hangout place near ITI road. The blueberry cheesecake had me a grow a new sweet tooth, the lunch buffet offers are ones the hoggers have to look for. The perfect risotto and the lovely ambiance is enough to attract customers here.

april rain aundh pune hangouts

Lost The Plot

Always wanted to watch your favorite movie with a loved one beneath the stars? Lost the Plot on The Seasons hotel rooftop is the perfect place. With candlelit/ lamplit tables and your favourite classic reeling on the ‘pardaa’, this place is a must go. The Mexican nachos makes people go gaga over it and watch out for the ‘Despicable Me’ mocktail. With booze, great ambience and and a DJ, Lost The Plot will make your day.



With Sunday brunches come a variety of starters (veg and non veg). The lentil soup, all dishes including chicken prawns, crabs and mutton, pocket friendly beer pints and the delicious mousse as a grand finale for your taste buds add in the perfect diner experience of Sigree.



With Live music, cheap alcohol, rooftop, pool side seating and screening of football and cricket matches, Melange offers you the best experience of a true hangout place. Recommended food would include Thai curry and rice, Stuffed Chicken Breast and Cheese Borek.


Aaoji Khhaoji

This is one of those places which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. With cheap but yummy dishes like Paneer Tikka Masala and the Tiranga biryani thali, this place is the go to place for when you suddenly realize you spend more money than you earn. But beware of the big parathas, not even four of you can finish it.


Greens And Olives

‘Italian lunch buffet at 399’ and I was sold. The name itself suggests that it’s an Italian restaurant but they do serve Indian food too. It’s mostly known for its Minestrone Soup, Kiwi Mojito and all types of Pastas. The sweet Italian décor doesn’t hurt the eyes.



Kimling is known for its seafood delicacies. Not much of a fan of seafood but the Jerk Chicken (Don’t judge a dish by its name) and the Vinegar dipped carrot and cucumber salad proved me wrong. Simply put, it’s a poor man’s Mainland China.


Café Peterdonuts

No, we haven’t forgotten you people with a sweet tooth. With savory in our list, there’s always room for desserts. And I’m talking donuts, cupcakes, and chocolate flowing waffles. Peterdonuts is also known for its Chicken Ham sandwich and Ferrero Rocher milkshake (Don’t order it if you can’r pronounce it, JK!) The red and white ambience settles you in with the fact that you’re sitting in a red and velvet cupcake.


Mainland China

As I said Kimling is the poor man’s Mainland China, but with all of you heavy pockets come straight here for booze and mouth-watering savoury dishes. Pam fried Noodles, Chicken Satay and the Chocolate brownie are the must eats here.


Rosso Bianco

This one is for the vegetarians only. But if you think no ‘ghaas-pus’ can ever match the non-veg delicacies, you should come here to be proven wrong. After having the stuffed mushrooms, Quattro Formaggio (Double Joey’s Special (4 pizzas)) and the Cranberry mojito, you’ll turn into a vegetarian yourself.


Starbucks, Aundh

This Seattle based barista gives the perfect ambience to have quiet meetings and sophisticated hangouts. There are a few who like the bitter, authentic taste of the coffee but most people come here for the Red velvet cheesecake, and free Wi-Fi. So if you’ve got some dough to spend head here.

P.S. Do not try the hazelnut frappe.


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