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There’s a newly opened Snow Park in Pune ❄️ at The Games Superpark and it is not Adlabs Imagica!

Pune, a city renowned for its rich history and vibrant culture, has recently embraced a chilly addition to its entertainment landscape with the grand opening of Snow World – The Games Superpark. Situated at The Mills, Raja Bahadur Road, Sangamwadi, this super park offers an enchanting escape from the city’s daily hustle and bustle lifestyle, bringing the magic of snowfall to Pune’s moderately tropical climate. What sets this Snow Park in Pune apart is its integration into The Games Superpark, a comprehensive entertainment hub that caters to diverse interests, providing a unique experience for bored bachelors and families alike.

The Games Superpark

Residing in the heart of Pune, and you’ll find yourself in a mesmerizing winter wonderland at Snow World. Amidst the warmth of Pune’s temperatures, this park invites visitors to experience the thrill of snowball fights, the joy of building snowmen, and the excitement of sliding down snowy slopes. The park’s ambiance is complemented by intricate snow sculptures and thematic decorations, creating an immersive environment that captures the essence of winter. The unique merging of a snowy haven against the backdrop of your typical city hustle and bustle lifestyle is what makes Snow World a must-visit destination for everyone.
Snow-World-Pune-Game Super-Park

The allure of this snow park in Pune extends beyond its snowy delights, as it is seamlessly integrated into The Games Superpark. Within this expansive entertainment complex, visitors can also explore more activities under one roof. From heart-pounding go-karting to Game Palacio, gravity-defying jumps at Pokido Trampoline Park, and thrilling indoor rock climbing to classic strikes and spares at the bowling alley, The Games Superpark offers an all-encompassing experience for punekars with diverse interests.

What adds to the appeal of The Games Superpark is its ‘pretty’ affordable pricing making these thrilling activities accessible for pretty much everyone. Game Palacio, with its exciting array of games, starts at just 499 rupees. Formula Karting, for those who crave speed, is available for 999 rupees per session. Pokido Trampoline Zone starts at 799 rupees onwards. The winter magic of Snow World is also affordable, with prices starting at 499 rupees per session.

The park is open on weekdays from 11 am to 10 pm, On weekends, the park extends its operational hours until 11 pm. These convenient timings provide flexibility for families, thrill-seekers, and weekend enthusiasts to make the most of their visit to The Games Superpark.

Whether you’re seeking snow-covered thrills, high-speed karting, or gravity-defying leaps, this entertainment hub ensures an unparalleled experience for Pune’s residents and visitors alike.

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