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Honest Event Reviews : LegalEase 2k17, Cultural Fest of ILS Law College Pune

We are the change we want to see. Thus, Legal Ease 2k17, the Annual Cultural Fest of Indian Law Society Law College Pune, was also a bit different from the usual this year.


The fire that this difference sparked among the students was palpable. We brought with us the theme ‘Experience The Music Within’ to let every person who connects with us feel the fervor of the festive day. Our tagline, ‘Beyond Black and White’ takes us to discover new shades of our personalities in these days of events, competitions, games and other amusing activities.

Day 1


25th Dec 2017 and the day starts off with a lot of zest, the beat sets in with a rhythm as we take control of the pace and let loose of ourselves to the music within. The first day, also the Christmas Special, turned out to be quiet a handful of events as the participants of events like Funk from Junk and Art Mania made an impression with their innovative ideas and creativity and those in Treasure hunt were seen scavenging through the entire campus for clues and completing their respective tasks.

Prize Money

At the end of the day we even had the wonderful trio from the Misree Band perform their covers of various popular and classic songs and also, some of their original compositions. They came forward to infuse their beats into hearts and the sweetness in their melodies touched every soul.

Day 2


On the second day, which had been kept as the Haal-e-Dil Day, where the students let the shades of their dress speak about their relationship status, we witnessed most of our cultural events. These brought us together to behold performances that left us awe struck. The highlights like Raga (singing competition), Thirkan (dance competition), Bhavayami (classical dance competition), Mr. and Miss Legal Ease, helped the students emerge with their talents in shining colors.

Day 3

The third day of the feast happened to be the signature day and was all about fun and food stalls which were seen swarmed with people who competed against each other to complete their tasks with full enthusiasm. It also incorporated events like Funtakshari, Sell Me if You Can, Human Tic Tac Toe and the most awaited Fashion show. Another thing special to the Legal Ease fest is it’s Confession Stalls where many hidden feelings are anonymously conveyed through varied colours of roses to that special person, be it hate, love or just a friendly gesture.

Legalease-2k17-sell-me-if -you-can



Throughout the day students were seen taking part in various events with their teams and making the most of the day. The evening came with the annual gathering and brought with it all it’s performances including Aadya and Vidhi Band rocking the entire auditorium and making the crowd burst into a round of applauses.

On 28th Dec through the Cultural Rally we Bid Adieu in a traditional way, adorned in sarees and pagrees, dancing to the beats of the dhol while carrying the Constitution, the foundation of our law in a palki as a token of respect.


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Review Overview


Palpable Spirit!

Summary : Legal Ease 2k17 was a bit different than the previous year. 3 days filled with fun and frolic. The fire that this difference sparked among the students was palpable.

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