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Tremor at KPB Hinduja College: A Dynamic Fusion of Academia, Culture, and Sportsmanship

Tremor, powered by AK Digitals is an academic and cultural extravaganza founded by Gaurav Khatri and Ronak Mulani and hosted by the BMS Department of KPB Hinduja College of Commerce, is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of academic prowess, creative expression, and sportsmanship. With a legacy spanning over six years, Tremor has evolved into a multifaceted confluence of academia, culture, and sports, embodying the spirit of excellence and camaraderie.


Pre-Events: Setting the Stage

Before the grandeur of Tremor unfolded, a series of pre-events set the stage:

– Wet n Joy: a thrilling treasure hunt challenging participants to uncover hidden treasures.
– Job Fair: providing students with career exploration opportunities and networking with industry professionals.
– SMAASH: an ultimate gaming destination offering thrilling challenges and immersive experience of go-karting and bowling.
– Bollywood Jamming session with Mr. Anish Chhabra: weaving iconic songs from Indian cinema.
– Heartwarming initiative: feeding stray dogs within the college vicinity.

Day 1: Academic Excellence
The inaugural day of Tremor began with the Opening Ceremony, featuring esteemed dignitaries and eager participants. Against a backdrop of enthusiasm, the torch was lit, symbolizing the start of two days filled with intellectual discourse and spirited competition. Day 1 included management events such as-Temporal Perspective, Hangman Havoc,Big Brain ,The Time Vortex Mystery

Day 2 of Tremor featured:
Day 2 began with a bang with events like
– Eternal Ever Mr. and Ms. Tremor where students from different colleges showcased their charisma and personality. Les Legacy, Chrono Chraft Pots, Narrative Nuances, Timeless Threads, Rythm Revolution were some other events that set the stage on fire.

Closing Ceremony – 
The Closing Ceremony was a heartfelt acknowledgment of the bonds formed and memories cherished during Tremor. Principal Dr Minu Madlani, Dr Antara Sonawane ma’am, and Dr Jagruti Darji ma’am expressed gratitude and admiration for all participants and organisers, inspiring continued excellence and innovation.

Special recognition was given to Chairperson Manan Khandelwal, Simran Bhayani, and Admin Rohit Bhilar for their exemplary leadership, dedication, and vision, which were instrumental in making Tremor a resounding success.

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