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A List Of Do’s and Don’ts on Holi-day!

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Holi hain! But we’re going to be a little bit of buzzkill. We have furnished a list of do’s and don’ts to make this fun for everybody. We’ll start with the don’ts.


1. Don’t hurt the animals around you

Our four-legged friends that have made our streets their home have nowhere to go on Holi. Let’s be mindful so that the toxic color that we willingly have applied all over us don’t go onto their bodies.


You’re going to go home after playing and wash off the toxins. They will try and lick it off themselves or leave it on and let it affect their skin. Both ways it’s a lose-lose situation for them.

2. Don’t waste water

They say future wars will be fought for water. Let’s postpone that day as much as possible. All we need to do is say no to pichkaris. A dry Holi can be a great Holi too!

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3. Do not use holi as an excuse to run your hands over people

Consent first. Always. Let’s make Holi fun for everyone. Let this festival of colour truly be a colorful experience and not where dark, haunting memories are created.


4. Do not force people to play Holi

The poster below says it all.


‘Bura na mano, Holi hain’, but if people are inconsiderate feeling bad about Holi is inevitable.

And now..Please do the following on Holi!


1. Do get yourself a nice, looong champi

Take that bottle of oil and empty it out on your head and body. Let’s not let those stubborn colors win once we’re done playing.


2. Do pump up the volume (to a reasonable level) on those Bollywood tracks

Would it even be Holi if you didn’t dance to a specially curated Holi playlist?

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3. Do indulge in some Bhaang

Enough said.

4. Do try and fall in love old school style

I mean, the possibilities are endless. What if just like what we’ve been seeing in films, you do hit it off with that special someone?

Stay safe and play safe. Happy Holi!

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