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When Powerpuff Girls of Cummins College Stepped Out To Break The Stereotypes | Unnati Korgaonkar

M.. E.. C..H! M.. E.. C.. H!
IT..! IT..!
C.. O.. M..P! C.. O.. M..P!

These reverberating chants bring me out of my reverie and crashing back into the reality in front of me. Three groups of very determined girls all set to leave the others behind and achieve their goal, break the coveted handi and win laurels and praise for their branch. Just a few hours of practice, and these girls are already ready to put themselves in danger and form a human pyramid to conquer the handi. The handi that seemed invincible hanging at the second floor stands overpowered as one of the groups emerges victorious.

cummins college of engineering dahi handi celebrations girls

These are the girls of Cummins college. They are the ones who will dance with as much enthusiasm and vigour as they will dismantle an engine. They are the ones who will enjoy the Gandhaar fashion show as much as any coding competition. They are the ones who will practice for their sport with as much determination and dedication as they will attend labs.

cummins college of engineering girls students fashion show

All round personality and overall development is what Cummins has taught them. Hard work and dedication are the values that Cummins has instilled in them. The culture at Cummins teaches us so many things. Things that cannot be learnt or experienced elsewhere. It gives us innumerable chances to prove and hone our talent and skills.

When people hear my branch, the next question that pops right up is “How many girls are there with you?”. To which I proudly reply, 90! That is because I’m pursuing Mechanical engineering in an all girl’s college. The very fact that this stream is offered in an all girls institution shows how times have changed and now the fairer sex is opting for a branch considered to be for boys only.

Earlier a lot of manual work was involved in this field, but with the onset of various new technical developments like CNC machines etc, we no longer need muscle power and girls can work in this area as well. Cummins college provides so many opportunities like these. Girls can prove themselves and show the world that they are no less than their male counterparts in any field. The Baja and Robocon teams of the college are one of the very few all girls teams in the entire country.

baja team cummins college of engineering students mechanical branch

College life has provided an opportunity for overall development of the students. It has prepared us to face any challenge that we may face,  and has not only given us a platform to hone and display our technical knowledge but also other innumerable extra curricular and co curricular activities. They nurture us into all round achievers.

A college like no other, Cummins truly stands out amongst all and has been successful in carving a niche for itself in this plethora of institutes.


About The Author

Unnati Korgaonkar is currently pursuing Mechanical engineering from Cummins college of engineering. She is a swimmer and a part of the college council. She loves to read and watch sitcoms.

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