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A Graphic Designer Gives Indian Makeover to some Game of Thrones Characters

With most of the Game of Thrones episodes of season 5 leaked already, it is time to face some spoilers, debates, shocking deaths, cry over differences from the books. But more than anything, an Indian Makeover to your favorite Game of Thrones characters is the first thing you should watch today!

Khal Drogo

as ‘Ranjhore ka Rathore’


Daenerys Targaryen

as ‘Baalika Vadhu’


Ned & Catelyn Stark

as some ‘Devi – Devata’ of Mahabharat / Ramayan

 Indian Makeover of Game of Thrones Ned and Catelyn Stark as Gods

Arya Stark

as Jhansi ki Raani


Oberyn Martell

as some Bhala Warrior


Tyrion Lannister

as Kaidi no. 420


And finally, Lord Varys

as Pujaari Baba (Hari Om!)


Hats Off to the man behind this, Mr. Vishal Dutt.

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