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Events in Pune during Ganpati That You Shouldn’t Miss in September 2023

Pune is a vibrant city, where the celebration begins like every year the Ganpati festival, and the city is all decked up for the same where there is the celebration of culture, music, dance, and art. However, the city has not just stopped at the traditional celebration meanwhile is hosting a variety of other events for all interests. So what are you thinking of just get into it and plan your September accordingly for culture, light entertainment, and artistry.

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Events in Pune during Ganpati Festival 2023:

Pune Ganpati Mandal Hopping Walk

With the “Pune Ganpati Mandal Hopping Walk” from September 20 to 27, embark on a spiritual journey across Pune’s rich cultural legacy. Visit the nine historic Ganesh Mandals at this festival, which is held at the scenic Shaniwar Wada Lawns, to learn more about the city’s culture. As you visit several mandals and take in the wonderful décor, fascinating ceremonies, and true spirit of devotion in Pune, you may immerse yourself in the heavenly vibe. Book your unique trip right away to immerse yourself in the heart of Pune’s Ganesh Chaturthi festivities and connect with its deeply ingrained spirituality and traditions.

Shri Kasba Peth Ganpati Drum Circle

Prepare yourself for the “Shri Kasba Peth Ganpati Drum Circle” on 24th September 2023, Sunday from 9 p.m.-11 p.m. at Shri Kasba Peth Ganpati Pandal enjoy the beat of pleasure. This exciting occasion is planned to unite the neighbourhood in a rhythmic celebration of culture and spirituality. Join the circle, feel the rhythm of the drums, and let the music inspire you. You’ll feel the harmony and energy that Ganesh Chaturthi represents as the rhythmic vibrations flood the air. Bring your drums, your passion, and your soul to this unique event.

Sadashiv Peth Ganpati Mandal Walk, Pune

The “Sadashiv Peth Ganpati Mandal Walk” will be held in Pune from September 22 through September 24 at Dnyan Prabodhini Bavdhan. Explore the prestigious 7 Ganpati Mandals of Sadashiv Peth to get a feel for the city’s festive vibe. These Mandals are well-known for their stunning decorations and captivating lighting displays that brighten the night during the festive season. Witness the cultural magnificence, devotion, and creative genius that go into the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Sadashiv Peth. Make a reservation right away to take part in this rich cultural experience and grasp the spirit of Pune’s vivid traditions.

Cultural Extravaganzas Beyond Ganpati:

Manik’s Day Out

On September 23 and 24, gather in for “Manik’s Day Out” at various locations. Prepare yourself for a dose of laughs as Manik, a gifted stand-up comedian, takes the stage for a rib-tickling performance. As you relax and enjoy a night of humour and entertainment, let your worries drift away. Manik’s performance is assured to have you in splits whether you enjoy comedy or just want to have fun. Reserve your seats right away and get ready for a funny and unforgettable evening that will have you laughing long after the show is over. This comedic spectacular is not to be missed!

Hands In Clay: Pottery workshop

The “Hands In Clay: Pottery Workshop” is a chance for you to unleash your creativity. It spans from September 20 to October 7. With the use of clay and this immersive experience, you can make one-of-a-kind pieces of art while plunging deeply into the fascinating world of pottery. This workshop is open to all skill levels, whether you are a total beginner or an experienced potter, and it offers healing and educational sessions. Experience the therapeutic and easing benefits of working with clay as you turn the creations of your mind into physical works of art. Take pleasure in the opportunity to develop your creative side by enrolling right away and starting your journey of self-expression.

Fatima Ayesha - Live in Marathi

On September 24th, beginning at 4 pm, the charismatic comic superstar Fatima Ayesha will perform live on stage in Marathi, so be ready for an evening of laughing. Do not want to miss this comedy event with the legendary comedian known for her hysterical performances that have captured the hearts of millions. Join us for a hilarious show that will leave you in giggles. Purchase your tickets right away to guarantee your place and take part in a fun event that is sure to have you in splits. Come see Fatima Ayesha perform in Marathi and enjoy her comic genius!
Pune presents a distinctive fusion of traditional celebrations and modern activities this September. Pune makes sure that both locals and visitors have a wonderful time, from the mysterious chanting of the Ganpati mandals to the contagious laughter during comedy acts. So book your time, mark your calendar, and savour Pune’s energy!

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