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DYPIET Pimpri’s National Level Technical Fest – Zion ’17 is to take place on 17th February

Zion is the land of Promise. The Heavenly city in Christianity.

It all started in 2005, when Dr DY Patil Institute of Engineering And Technology Pimpri, started a small 2 day university level event. Since then, Zion is a National Level Technical Festival organised annually.

Let’s have a look at the havoc they’re gonna bring this year.



Capturing pictures is a way of living those memories again. This competition encourages everyone to bring in their best memories in the form of pictures and bag a handsome prize.


This event buds young writers to come forward and put their best hand forward (Ahem). Percepsia is a story writing competition focused on sharpening the imagination and letting the words flow.


Ever played with straws and wondered what other use they served other than being a medium between your mouth and that thirst quenching drink? Straws’ other use is to win you big prizes. The Apoc competition focuses on the talented creative person who can create beautiful things out of straws.


Another game like Apoc is the Dozer. Instead of straws you have a steadier raw material to use: popsickle sticks. Let the architect in you run wild so you can build a whole city out of popsicle sticks!


This is for all the nerds out there. Want a taste of pure nerd blood? Take part in Neo, a coding competition held by Zion. The weapons you will be able to use are: C and C++.


Did the name intrigue you? So, Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Relax, the Morpheus competition won’t have you choosing life altering pills. Its simply the name of the paper presentation at Zion. All those ideas in your head, write them down, research and present to win heavy prizes.

Apart from the above mentioned competitions, quizzes and events specific to your branch will also be held.

So with awaited breaths, wait for 17th February for Zion ’17. After all, it does promise to be the land of promise.

DYP ZION 2017 Important Links

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