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This Women’s Day, Lets Pledge to Change Our Views Towards Them

It’s midnight, but I am still not able to close my eyes and sleep. Millions of thoughts playing football in my head, but none of them could score a goal yet. The thought that has been disturbing my mind for a while was,

| Is it a crime to be a girl?

The number of reasons which agreed to this question were more as compared to those that didn’t. Tomorrow again there will be a breaking news on T.V related to a girl being raped or a girl caught as she was sleeping with someone.

What could be the reason in being raped and sleeping with someone in “Mera Bharat Mahan”?  As a conclusion, both the situations are related to a girl. When a girl is being raped its all without her consent and when a girl sleeps with someone, people call her a slut. Ever thought why a girl becomes a prostitute? What is the main reason for her to become one? The reason really doesn’t matter, all that matters is the lust. We forget that she is in that situation because of someone. People think that a girl’s character is flawed if she loves her boyfriend by having sex with him. For them it is as good as to be called as a highly defined Hindi word “R*ndi”.

``When Being Raped, She Shouldn't Fight Back. She Should Just Be Silent and Allow The Rape.``

``A Girl Is Far More Responsible For Rape than A Boy``

``Housework and Housekeeping Work Is For Girls, Not Roaming In Discos and Bars At Night Doing Wrong Things, Wearing Wrong Clothes``

People say INDIA is a secular country, a country where freedom of one’s thought is always appreciated. I don’t think so nor do I come from those people. Here we cant wear what we want to. Why? Just because what will our society think, what will our neighbors think, we are grown up girls have to be taken care of ourselves, protect from the worst. We have been taught that if you wear short clothes your not safe from the worlds eye. Even if you step out of your house late in the evening, anything can happen to you. And you yourself are responsible for that because you chose not to stay safe in your house.

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Whenever a girl is raped in India, the first concern is what type of clothes was she wearing? Was it a short, a saree, a bikini or a salwaar suit? We measure a girl’s safety by the clothes she wears. Which is WRONG! It depends on the way you, your mind and your eyes see her. How can a girl be safe outside when her father’s elder brother tries to get physical with her by forcing her hand on his penis. How can she be safe when her own cousins want her to sleep with them? Its the character that matters not the relationships. Having a true love is more worth than being with such assholes and then we are taught that respect our elders and listen to them and remain quite. There are lot of women out there who get sexually abused like this each and every day!

Remember the Nirbhaya rape case? The one that took place in the safest city in India, jaha sabse jayda kutto ki alag alag that means different breeds paaye jaate hai? It should not be called dilwalo ki Delhi. Instead it should be called as Lukke laundo ki Delhi. Because one of the a**hole who raped her says that a girl is more responsible for rape then a boy and she should not at all take any action when she is being raped. What a mother f**king mentality he has got. I really dont get this! They know they are doing wrong, but want to save themselves from being caught. Thank god that mother f**ker is being hanged. Thank god he doesn’t have a daughter otherwise even she would have been molested by him everyday. We love our pets so much take care of them, feed them everyday then why a girl who is being raped or being molested have to go through a tough time in her entire life living in guilt about it.

Oprah Winfrey, a renowned personality in the world once said that “I WAS RAPED AT THE AGE OF 9”. People din’t curse her nor did she lose hope. Then why is such a case in India? Whats the use of living in a democratic country when you don’t get respect from our own brothers. A country where only lust matters, neither love nor sympathy.


A simple question to everyone who will be reading this.Answer it to yourself. In the coming years you all become parent of a baby girl or may be many of you are already a parent. Close your eyes and think she is your world and you love her like anything. One fine day she comes and tells you that she is dating a guy just like you.

Did you smile? No? Then change. Think about it!

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