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Alacrity 2018 – College Fest of AISSMS Pune To Commence from 20th – 23rd Feb

Seasons Greetings

With the drop in temperature and festive atmosphere in the air the city of Pune heads up for Christmas celebrations. With Christmas celebrations in the air, We all gear up for one more celebration which comes in the month of February… Only one of the fests whose planning starts 6 months ago and implementation 3 months.

Alacrity 2018

So what’s exciting about this Alacrity 2018 ?

Food Fest


Fun Fair

Technical Events


Cultural Events

Sports Events


In addition to the traditional Events this Alacrity 2018 offers much more

  • Fashion Show
  • Battle of Bands
  • DJ War
  • Pune’s Got Talent
  • Drone Quidditch

And much more…

In addition to the traditional Events this Alacrity 2018 offers much more



Battle of Bands

DJ War


Pune’s Got Talent

We in this Alacrity 2018 are going to provide education for the underprivileged children and are going to see to it that no child is barred from education.

Alacrity offers everyone everything

Digital India & Make in India are the two most successful projects undertaken by our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji and to extend our support to that campaign we through Alacrity’18 will provide a platform for various entrepreneurs and start-ups to showcase their talents.

So we have everything that a undergrad looks upon but his/ her participation is affected by the prize of entry fee.

Yes we believe that entry fee is a barrier to one’s participation and we believe that participation is the right to every participant.

So we have designed an algorithm by which the entry fee for each event this Alacrity will cost you only in single digits.

This is not a pinch in the pocket for anyone as a cup tea or a packet of chips costs more than our entry fee

The entry fee for participation this Alacrity 2018

Cultural:Rs.5/ event
Technical: Rs.5/ event
Sports:Rs.9/ event

Don’t be shocked guys there’s much more so hold your nerves

The food fest in Alacrity offers much more than the local food as we offer you all cuisines from round the globe to tickle you taste buds.

For the first time we are keeping a Fun Fair whose main intention is to attract the students from junior colleges.
By the means of Alacrity’18 ‘s Fun Fair junior college students will get an opportunity to communicate with Undergrads and know what college is all about.

So the choice is yours.
To be a part of this epic celebration or be the frog in the well

We suggest you to come and enjoy this fest as we offer everything for ones need.

So see you on the 20th of February 2018

Seasons Greetings everyone

Warm regards

Shubham Agarwal
General Secretary

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Event Details
Event Name
AISSMS Alacrity 2018
AISSMS, Shivajinagar,Pune-411001
Starting on
February 20, 2018
Ending on
February 23, 2018

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