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XIM Bhubaneswar organizes the 9th edition of TedxXIM

IlluminatiX – The Media & PR Cell of Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar successfully organized the 9th edition of TEDxXIM on 29th October 2023. The event began with the lighting of the lamp by Chief Financial Officer- Fr. V Arockia Das & all the speakers. The eminent speakers then delivered insightful talks on a variety of topics under the theme “Kaleidoscope of Life


Mr. Neel Madhav, television personality, illusionist, and mentalist mesmerized and enlightened the audience by showcasing some mind bending illusions, leaving the audience spellbound. He took us through the intricacies of the word “illusion” and its essence in our lives that the mind forms decisions and opinions owing to the comparisons that it makes.  When we restrain the tendency of comparisons and delve into self-introspection, it is then that we step into the world of the next illusion, i.e., step into our real selves. His talk captivated everyone and left the audience with the knowledge of self.

CA Nandini Agrawal, India’s youngest female Chartered Accountant, highlighted the importance of financial management and wise investments. She stressed that wealth accumulation is only sufficient with astute investment. Nandini advised daily learning, emphasizing its contribution to financial wisdom and how a supportive environment is important for long-term financial growth, ultimately connecting financial freedom with genuine independence.

Bharati Nrutya Mandir‘s stunning performance of Kali Mangalacharan, the sacred Odissi dance at TEDxXIM was a mesmerizing journey through this kaleidoscope of life. The dancers’ graceful movements and expressive mudras brought to life the many facets of Kali, from her benevolent mother goddess form to her fierce warrior goddess form. The performance was a reminder that life is not always easy or predictable. It is a dance of duality, of joy and sorrow, of love and loss, of birth and death. But just as the kaleidoscope creates patterns of beauty from chaos, so can we find meaning and purpose amid life’s challenges.

Aaquib Wani, Creative Director of Aaquib Wani Design, and a remarkable Forbes 30 under 30 luminaries with his awe-inspiring TEDxXIM talk illuminated the intricacies of his personal and professional journey, adorned with a vibrant medley of art, tradition, challenges, and triumphs.
He then unveiled the captivating chronicles behind his involvement in designing jerseys for the Indian Cricket team and celebrities, Aaquib Wani’s narrative illuminated the path of reviving traditional art forms from Rajasthan and Jammu and Kashmir through visionary collaborations of traditions and modern art forms thereby helping local artisans. Attendees were also bestowed with invaluable insights into experiential designing and the art of crafting compelling brand narratives.

Mr. Yangdup Lama, entrepreneur author, and mixologist masterfully blended his bartending journey with the history of cocktails, giving us wonderful entrepreneurial insights. Through his talk, he made us realize that what we learn, unlearn, recognize as the truth, and apply in our everyday lives is what makes us who we are and defines our role in the journey of life. His endeavor to travel through different parts of the world and imbibe the culture in his creations inspired the audience to pursue diverse experiences.

The evening, full of ideas & experiences, concluded with a vote of thanks by Muskaan Agarwal, organizer, of TEDxXIM.

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