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Here’s Something Every Video Game Lover In Pune City Definitely Shouldn’t Have Missed!

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The first ever video game fest in Pune was conducted on 31st January 2016 and it was one hell of an event!

Being the only video game fest of its kind in India, this idea took shape in Bangalore initially and now was brought to Pune city in its third edition. As Pune is pretty well known for it’s young energetic audience, it wasn’t really surprising to see the overwhelming response this event gathered during a span of 12 hours at the venue!

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about video games is the young generation who religiously follow all the games that are dropped in the market. So fervent is the fan base in the younger generation that they go and seek out agencies like AussyELO to actually buy accounts and get access to games. So its basically the crowd that makes the Video Games Fest lively, year after year.

The third edition of the Video Game Fest 2016 was organised at the Seasons Mall Galleria in Pune. The event spanned from 9am to 9pm showcasing some amazing games and new game releases by Ubisoft Pune! Ubisoft Pune had their newly launched video game Just Dance being showcased at the event which gathered huge number of audience to dance along with some amazing Ubisoft dancers! Here are some numbers from the event!

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The event also sparked an insane amount of energy when the celebrity cast of the movie Loveshhuda turned up at the venue! People swarmed in to watch the celebrity duo (Navneet Kaur Dhillon & Girish Kumar) and the movie music composer Parichay enjoy the Just Dance game set up by Ubisoft Pune!

Video Game nerds were all over the place for the entire day glued to jaw dropping games and gaming machines put up for display! There was even a custom Deadpool game machine set up for display! And who could forget the presence of Mr. Subzero from Mortal Kombat at the venue! This version of subzero was however very selfie friendly unlike the original one from the game.

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The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about video games is the young generation…

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Summary : First ever Video Game Fest in Pune City, and it was well received by the young Punekars who flocked in huge numbers to witness and be a part of this amazing event.

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