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Unlike popular opinion, why it is actually okay to be single.

Falling in love is undeniably one of the most beautiful feelings this universe has in store. The butterflies in your stomach by the very thought of a certain somebody, finding happiness in somebody’s embrace, a pair of eyes and a heartbeat that feel more like home than anything ever has is probably the most entrancing feeling in the world. To everyone who has been able to find that kind of love, I am happy for you. I am truly happy that you have found the one who makes your eyes twinkle with so much joy and I hope and pray that it always stays that way.

To that soul who still hasn’t, I am here to tell you that that’s completely okay. I know you often dream of being kissed under a starlit sky, to find that touch that makes current flow through your veins and arms that give you a safe place to land. I also know the society’s perception of single hood being associated with loneliness can make you feel even more hollow than you would normally.

No matter how alone and incomplete the world around you makes you feel, No matter how many cheesy rom-coms give you the idea that the presence of another is what you need in your life, the day you take full responsibility of your own happiness, is the day you realize you are already complete with just yourself.


In no way is the absence of a significant other, a sign of something lacking in you and as long as you make yourself the person who would do anything to make their own selves happy, the need for finding an individual to do it for you becomes redundant. Spend time loving yourself, spend time giving yourself the unconditional care you deserve, make yourself the most scrumptious meals, take yourself on walks down beautiful lanes  thinking about the endless possibilities of how beautiful life can be, blow yourself a kiss in the mirror to remind yourself that you in fact are absolute perfection and need nobody’s validation. And while you’re at it, you might just find that one thing that ignites passion in you like.

 Besides, the idea that romance is the only kind of love is beyond ridiculous. The embrace of any kind of love is equally nurturing and magnificent. The love of the mother who held you close and kept you warm and looked at you like you were her everything from the very second you came into existence. To the father who was your guardian from the very start and broke everything that tried to break you. To the sibling who tore you down only to pick you back up, who pushed you out of your limits. To the ones you met along the way, those friends who turned into family, the ones who came around to knowing you so well you became predictable to them , the ones who always stood up for you and gave you the space  you need to be your authentic self. Remember their love with immense gratitude and once in a while remind them what they mean to you.

Romance might be beautiful but it is not the ultimate. Find peace within yourself, feel complete within yourself and wholeheartedly accept the beautiful soul that you are. Set your standards so high that nobody can ever make you feel lesser than the absolute gorgeousness that you are, respect yourself so much that no matter what, nobody can make you feel like their love is a favor. And when you finally find the one whose smile makes every cell in your body feel warm and whose embrace is heaven, it will be absolutely magical.

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