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12 Types of Girls You Would Definitely Come Across In Your College | Ananya Bose

People say that when you go to college, you truly find yourself. You start taking classes pertinent to the path you want to take towards your future. You start making new friends with similar interests and values. You start joining extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that you not only enjoy, but which also help in enhancing your career prospects. Though stereotypes should not be encouraged yet there are many different cliché types of girls you will meet in college.

Sometimes, people go through completely different phases from freshman to senior year in hopes of finding their true niche and ideal destination. Regardless, there are about 10 typical types of girls you will meet in college(FOR SURE), some of which are a culmination of a few of these generalized groups.

The Study Freak

She is that one girl with spectacles (most of the times) who seems like she never smiles or is too serious for life. She will always be seen with some big fat book rummaging through the pages intently and poking fun at her would mean bringing upon a disaster on yourself. Always good with grades, these girls always force you to search for a meaning in life and take stress before your semester papers begin.

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The Tomboy

Donning a boy cut hairstyle perfectly, she does not mind wearing ripped jeans to college or swearing at the top of her voice in public or challenging guys in bike racing. She is the one whom every female in college is secretly scared. She is rough on the outside and on the inside and everyone agrees to that but she also has those little feminine traits which everyone dies for, like maybe love for animals and children.


The Bimbo

She is the one who comes to college dressed in a way as if she is going to walk down the red carpet. These girls are the ones who have the least idea about what is going on in the college as well as the country. Ask them about

“What are the colors of our National Flag?”

and they will go blank firstly, and secondly, they will come up with a way to insult you about the top you are wearing or the shoes that you love wearing to college.


The Bindaas Babe

She is the one whom everyone wants to be like- the one who does the juggling perfectly. You can see her getting good grades in every subject and liked by every teacher and the very next moment you see her letting her hair down and dancing her life out at parties. The one who can make you turn to look at her in both Indian and Western outfits. Basically, she is the one who has beauty and brains both in the right proportions.


The Enigma

This is the mysterious girl people don’t know much about. She is quiet and more on the introverted side, but deep down she has a lot of opinions, some of which she would rather not share. She is the one who would know Arabic and a few ton of other languages and might as well know ‘palm reading’ or ‘tarot reading’.


The 'Mrs. Ramsay'

This type of girl seems to be on a mission. And her mission is to become a perfect cook. She is the one who probably has Ratatouille, Chef and Burnt right on her desktop. Her journey from an amateur to a perfect cook is like a coming of age movie. First year you might have tasted her not-so-great Maggi.

*Fast forward 4 years & BAM*

Now you taste dishes you can’t even pronounce and for which you would pay through the nose to have again.


The Party Animal

She is seen at every party enjoying herself to the brim. She hardly cares about what is going on in college and all that makes sense to her is ‘dressing up and showing up’. The life of every party, she gives you life goals as well as second thoughts about being serious only about studies.

The Birthday Planner

This girl somehow magically manages to remember everyone’s birthdays. I repeat, EVERYONE.

And it doesn’t stop at that. She will remind you weeks in advance about the upcoming birthday so that the ‘perfect’ birthday surprise can be planned. She has all the details you will ever need – the perfect color for the decor, the perfect decor store in town, the perfect cake, the perfect cake store in town…you get the drift.

Which makes you wonder – “I can’t even do my laundry on time. How does she keep track of all of this?!”

The Athlete

She’s constantly at the gym whether it is early in the morning or late at night. Freshman 15 hit her hard and ever since she works out like crazy. She must be the head of the football team or the basketball team or maybe every other sports team of college. She posts pictures with her jersey on and becomes the goal for every sports loving woman of college.


The Best Friend

She is going to be a bridesmaid at your wedding. This is the girl you call when you need advice, the girl you stay up late with talking about life, the girl you can’t bear to think about living without, and the number 1 person on your Snapchat.


The Hyperactive One

This is the girl who has trouble fitting all of her activities on one resume. She gets involved with everything because she knows it will help her network for later on. People love her, but she never has time for herself. This girl doesn’t know what it means to relax.



This is the girl who is always dressed in the most expensive clothes, has all her bills and schooling paid by her daddy, drives a brand new car, and even gets a weekly allowance for food and partying. All the other girls will envy her because everyone else on campus is struggling to afford some Ramen.



If you can relate to these 12 types of girls please share this post and let the world know more about you! If you think you are someone beyond these 12 types of girls then please comment your type below!

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