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Transcend 2024: A Cosmic Celebration of Talent, Innovation, and Entertainment at SIBM Pune

In a resounding departure from the ordinary, Transcend 2024, SIBM Pune’s Annual Management and Cultural Fest beckoned students on a transformative journey beyond the stars. With the theme, ‘The World of Cosmic Chronicles,’ the fest wasn’t just an event but an immersive experience, unfolding new opportunities and ideas in the realms of management and B-school education.

Day 1 : The festivities kicked off on January 9th with the oath-taking ceremony for ‘Last Man Standing,’ the flagship event of Transcend. Dr. S B Mujumdar, the honorable Chancellor of Symbiosis International University, and Dr. R Raman, the esteemed Vice-Chancellor, graced the official inauguration which was followed by a hilarious stand-up comedy act by none other than the comedy maestro, Kumar Varun.

Day 1 unfolded as an intellectual battleground with the National finals of events like ‘Greatbull’ (Finance) and ‘Prometheus’ (Product Management), challenging participants to wield strategic thinking and business acumen. Simultaneously, cultural showcases such as the ‘Kaleidoscope’ short film making competition and the captivating ‘Bellisimo’ fashion show added a vibrant touch.

The first pro night of Transcend 2024 was a star-studded affair, featuring electrifying performances by renowned artists. Dikshant, the talent behind the hit song “Tum Aankho Se Batana Hum Samajh Jayenge,” set the stage on fire. The musical journey continued with soulful renditions from ‘Sabali’ – The Band and the dynamic beats of Project 91, creating an unforgettable night of entertainment.

Day 2 witnessed the cosmic fervour intensifying as top B-school participants engaged in fierce competitions like ‘Chrysalis’ (HR), ‘OpsCon’ (Operations), and ‘Marketshastra’ (Marketing). This was followed by a stand up comedy segment by the one and only Gaurav Kapoor creating ripples of laughter, setting a delightful tone.

The Moonwalk dance competition showcased finalist teams, their captivating moves leaving the audience enchanted. The night approached new heights with the ‘Cosmic Chords’ battle of the bands, where the pulsating energy and spectacle were nothing short of extraordinary.

The energy reached its crescendo during the second Pro Nite as Ankit Tiwari graced the stage, followed by the pulsating beats of DJ Ravator. This musical extravaganza featuring the talent behind chart-topping hits and the dynamic DJ created a grandeur that left an indelible mark on all attendees, elevating the fest to unparalleled heights.

Day 3 marked the zenith of Transcend 2024 with the highly anticipated Grand Finale of “Last Man Standing,” offering an impressive cash prize of Rs. 1.5 lakhs. The fest continued to captivate with the unique “Under-the-Hammer” Cricket Auction event and intellectual engagements like ‘Strategia’ and ‘Mindcraft.’

The spotlight of the day was undoubtedly on the soulful performances by participants of ‘Euphonic Echoes’ (Solo Singing) and the much-awaited Artist Night featuring the legendary Shaan, the sensational TrapperX, and the dynamic DJ Xtacy. As the melodies of Shaan echoed and the beats reverberated through the venue, Transcend 2024 concluded on a high note, solidifying its status as a cosmic celebration of talent, innovation, and entertainment.

Transcend 2024 reached great heights, all thanks to the support and contributions from our esteemed sponsors. ‘Campa Cola’ proudly held the esteemed title sponsorship for Transcend ’24. Known for its refreshing fizz, Campa Cola added a touch of excitement and energy to Transcend 2024. This partnership exemplified the power of collaboration, where a revitalized Indian brand empowered the next generation of changemakers. With great honor, Transcend was branded as ‘Campa Cola’ presents Transcend 2024, The World of Cosmic Chronicles, brought to you by State Bank of India, Co-Sponsored by Schmooze, IOCL, Sparx, Castrol, Mogu Mogu.

In association with – Zlade, Qunions, The D Wave, Bank Of Baroda, LIC, Muscle Blaze, Flock, Unstop, Pokka Drinks, Bonvie Snacks, BMC Air Filters, Safe Express, Muddy Water Cosmetics, PETA India, Royal Shawarma, Vivano Cafe, Cafe Ricoco, Dunamiss, Paas Collective, Zodiac, Continental Coffee, Tibeht Momos, Chilled Affair, Capital Foods, Nissin, KK’s Cafe, New Kolkata Rolls & More, Prasum, Batua Cafe, Artis, Beards and Shears, Belgian Waffle Art, Cubanos, Burgertron, Dragon Chinese, Bauli, Finlatics, Meals-in-a-jar, Tattoo Tatva, HooLiv, Horus Music, Ixigo, Lotte India, Nickmics, Polka Pop, Zomato, The Product Folks, White Warbler, Wictronix, ALP Production, Balaji Waffers, Bonkers, Budhani Bros, Cadbury Fuse, Coolberg, EaseMyTrip, GO DESi. And Online Media Partners – Campus Times Pune, Collegedunia, Groovenexus, EDTimes, and Big FM.

We express our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors whose commitment to fostering innovation and empowering the next generation of leaders made Transcend 2024 a reality. Their contributions not only elevated the scale and grandeur of the event but also provided a platform for students to engage, learn, and create lasting memories.

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