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Empower Your Future: Join the Bharat Model United Nations BMUN 2024 | 4th-5th May

The Bharat Model United Nations (BMUN 2024) offers an exceptional platform for students to transform into global citizens through a simulated United Nations experience. BMUN holds a conference every year where delegates come to debate on different topics. The upcoming conference is scheduled for 4th and 5th May 2024 at MIT World Peace University, Pune. Delegation is eight or more people from the same group to participate. We can also have individual delegations.


This will help students develop important, in-demand skills like:

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Negotiation and Diplomacy

Public Speaking BMUN-2024

Public Speaking and Communication

Global Awareness BMUN-2024

Global Awareness

Research & Analytical BMUN-2024

Research and Analytical Skills

The skills acquired by the participants are highly valued by universities and employers, making them well-rounded and competitive individuals. Participation will broaden their perspective on International Affairs and provide a platform to hone their public speaking, negotiation, and problem-solving abilities.

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Participating in BMUN 2024 is not just about adhering to rules; it’s about embracing an enriching experience that equips you with valuable skills and knowledge for the future!


Skill Development: Hone critical thinking, research, public speaking, negotiation, and diplomacy skills through active participation.

Global Awareness: Gain valuable insights into international affairs, the complexities of global issues, and the role of the UN in addressing them.

Personal Growth: Build confidence, strengthen communication skills, and learn to think critically from diverse perspectives.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with students from various backgrounds, fostering friendships and expanding one’s professional network.

University and Career Preparation: Develop skills highly sought after by universities and employers, enhancing competitiveness.

Engaging Experience: Immerse yourself in a stimulating learning environment that fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

We would gladly like to invite you all to this amazing experience…

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