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Top 10 Trekking Destinations In And Around Pune That You Should Never Miss During Your College Life | Ram Dhobley

College marks the foundation of your life, this is the place where you will find yourself as young and alive as never before.

In order to keep that spark alive, we bring you a list of trekking spots in and around the city, which will rejuvenate the fighting spirit in you, as you upscale the rigorous tracks and will ultimately bond your friendship to superiority!

Parvati Hills

Yes, you heard us right. Well, many people will argue here with the fact that we have mentioned Parvati in the list of trekking spots, but take into consideration the fact that – Parvati still stands as the tallest point in Pune city!


Now taking this picture into account, all we have to say is this, for a man with zero experience in scaling hills, this can take loads of preparation. Believe it or not, those long and wide steps at this destination are sure to make you sweat a bit and again, who doesn’t wish to have a glimpse at history? I would reccomend reading The Best Night Vision Goggles of 2018: The Definitive Guide (In-Depth Reviews) – Outdoor Empire – Bringing night time goggles to a trek that might spill over into the darkness is an absolute must. ONce you learn how to use them, I’m sure they will come with you on ever trip.

For all the history fanatics, here you will find a museum, a pleasant Peshwekalin temple and serene view of Pune city.

Now who wants to miss that opportunity?


A fort adjoining a historic trade route, Rajmachi is one of the most exciting and enduring trekking trails around Pune. Situated at about 75 km from Pune, an 18 km ride packs up many mesmerizing surprises such as ancient Buddhist caves, waterfalls, lush greenery, temples, fort ruins that make this place a sought after trekking destination.


The climb is very easy though it might take around four to five hours. You will spot a couple of animals along the way, and if hunting is permitted, you can use a couple of AR-10 rifles. The remains sitting atop two mountains, Shrivardhan and Manoranjan have witnessed the glories of Maratha Empire, while being a silent spectator of Maratha and Mughal arch nemesis. Rocky routes, panoramic views of the Konkan plains and the backwaters of Shirota Damn are a few of the high points. Camping options are available at two caves within fort premises.

The trek marks its base at Udhewadi with Tungrali near Lonavala or Kondivale near Karjat being the start marks for all trekking activities.


This fascinating fort engraving in its glory the furiousness of a Maratha sardar and an onslaught of a fierce battle between the Maratha and Rana Jaisingh might be the one you wish to mark as your first trekking venture.


An easy trek with an option to drive up as well, once atop the fort, the scenic view is extremely attractive, especially during the rainy season. The reason to pick this as your first trekking experience is that, the trek is rather quite easy when compared to other forts in this list. With less than two hours required to reach the top, this one comes in quite handy.

The chief spots to be seen over there is the ‘Kade lot’, a cliff from where the guilty were prosecuted by throwing them off into the valley and ‘Hawa Point’, which true to its name is enough to blow your mind.

Being a foodie, you don’t want to care about refreshments, this place packs it all once you reach the top! Kulfi, ice gola…they even have a whole canteen set up over there at the top. And one cannot miss the tasty ‘Zhunka Bhakri’ over there, a delight for the tummy. Camping is not allowed.


Situated at a distance of nearly 100 km from Pune, this fort based in Junnar village is a popular destination for trekking. The fort is decorated in its serenity and bliss with a view of the magnificence of the Maratha empire. A celebration spot for the annual Shivaji Jayanti, Shivneri is one of the difficult ones to trek. It will not take much ime but will make sure you toil with every step.


Various sightseeing options around the fort includes – the Lenyadri Ganesh Temple, one of the Ashtavinayaka Temples. The trek also exposes the beautiful landscape of the Konkan plateau.


Accounted for it monumental and scenic beauty, this fort doesn’t fail to mesmerize us with its epic-ness. The fort comes in as an easy, more accessible and features excellent surroundings dotted with plush greenery throughout.


Accessibility includes transportation by train where in you need to get down at Malawli station, which also marks the beginning of the trek.

Set at 70 km from Pune, this fort is close contender on the closest trekking spots list, as it is most suitable for a days trek with its awesome beauty.


Though situated at 170 km doesn’t really count as in or around Pune city, this one is a fort which any hardcore trekker would rarely miss the opportunity to trek at. Trek to Harishchandragad is a real great expedition involving crossing of seven hills of the Sahyadri ranges. Definitely not for the faint hearted, as the trail is strenuous with some sections bringing to you almost vertical rock faces. The fort is popular for its offering by the the Sahyadri terrains which includes spectacular valley views filled with unbelievable natural tapestry of wild flowers blooming everywhere.


It blooms to its epitome in rainy season, with the sights everywhere around the fort being  filled with waterfalls, foggy mountains peaks, and unexpected showers adding to the charm. The main attractions include ruins  of Harishchandreshwar Temple atop the fort,where Lake Saptatirtha Pushkarni adjoins the temple.The most fascinating spot on this trekking in Pune is the Konkan Kada offering breath taking view of the entire fort area. Kedareshwar Cave is the other attraction.


It isn’t a coincidence that the most fun trek fort would have to be the tallest one in Pune. It is also known as Prachandagad due to its massive size. Beautiful scenery never escapes the sight of our eye. As the journey marks its start with the Velhe village at about 60 km from Pune, a true nature lover will fall in love with this fort again and again, many times in this entire journey. Reasons can be plenty – wild flowers, plush greenery, extravagant sceneries, this place packs it all.

torna fort trekkiing in pune

The fort offers a wider view at history as well, since this was the first fort captured by Maharaj, which marked the commencing of Hindavi Swarajya. The majestic fort offers great viewpoints like Budhla Machi, Zunjar Machi and also a Kadelot point.


Capital of our grand Maratha Empire, Raigad fort is now an excellent trekking spot. Situated in the astounding heights of Sahyadri Ranges, the fort offers an excellent experience to be cherished whole life.


Climbing is subtle, not so harsh unlike most of the forts of this list which require harsh climbing efforts. The twists and turns which will follow you throughout the trek are a fun to experience. It offers the cherry on the cake feel with the mist clad terrains offering an immensely mesmerizing view of natural landscape beauty. This one fort in our list also has the facility of rope-way from the base to the top. The fort offers several sights to see and is ideal for a camp out as well.

Kalavatin Durg

Kalavatin Durg is easily seen from Panvel. Opposite Matheran and next to Prabalgad Fort. Kalavatin is a 500 m high pinnacle on the northern edge of the Prabal plateau. Kalavatin Durg is good one day trek, which you can easily combine with Prabalgad next to it for two treks instead!

kaalvatin durg

It will take around 1 1/2 hour for a trek. Main attraction to Kalavatin  Peak is the climb till the fortress walls. Steps have been carved in the mountain with no protection on one side. So be cautious and try not to do anything foolish which can prove harmful as well. Monsoon time makes it more difficult, wind adding to the difficulty after you climb the steps, but also adds that part to your experience, and makes up for the better by offering various other things such as greenery, wild flowers which you will miss in any other season.

Once you reach the top you can see Prabalgad Chanderi, Peb Matheran Irshalgad and Ulhas River.


Rajgad Fort near Pune is one of the grand forts pf the Sahyadris. It served as Shivaji Maharaj’s capital for over 25 years before he moved the capital to Raigad Fort. A trekkers delight, the fortifications of the fort built with the treasure found on the adjacent Torna fort is most parts still intact.


You can easily find the great vision and a taste for high class architecture of Shivaji Maharaj. Rajgad has the capacity to amaze you with its mammoth size, sky touching height and wide spread. Suvela Machi located on the eastern part of Rajgad fort is a narrow strip that leads to a fortified end. Before the fortifications there is a Hanuman Temple and towards the right of the Hanuman Temple is ‘Nedh’. Nedh is a giant hole on the rock face about 3 meters in diameter carved by years of erosion.

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