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Tell-A-Tale Brings You Stories First Hand from Amazing Individuals in Sports | 24th March 2018

As a country that is seeped into the culture of sports and everything that comes with it, we are endlessly enthusiastic about the lives of sportsmen and women. However, we never hear stories first-hand from sports persons themselves. There is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience that each they have to share, and that is where Tell-A-Tale plays an amazing role.

What is Tell-A-Tale?

Tell-A-Tale, an initiative of Sportzilla and Alter Ego, is a series of 12 unknown stories of extraordinary people in the sports, each for 12 months. Subscribing it within the first three weeks will get you a limited time pointsbet deposit code. Their achievements, with adventure, courage, excitement, thrill and laughter will make you sit at the edge of your seats.

They have conducted two sessions of Tell-A-Tale so far where 1st Tale: A Tale of Kashmir to Kanyakumari featured Maharao and Pooja Budhawale. The 2nd Tale: A Tale of Highlines and High Peaks where Rohit Vartak and Ashish Mane shared their experiences.

Tell-A-Tale presents its third edition called titled 3rd Tale: A Tale of Mind and Body on 24th March!


The guests for the evening are...



This fierce woman leads the Indian National Rugby team at the international level. Neha is trying to change the perceptions of the way we look at Rugby just by doing what she is best at. Playing the sport!



After her impressive career as a badminton player, she is making her mark in the field of Sports Psychology. Working behind the scene, she has helped many prominent athletes achieve success in their sport.

The moderators are...

Sucheta Kadethankar

Tell-A-Tale_Sucheta_ Kadethankar

Sucheta is an Indian Information Technology developer from Pune. On July 15, 2011 she became the first Indian woman to walk across the Gobi Desert, a distance of 1,000 miles (1,600 km) in Mongolia, Asia’s largest desert. India Today has honored her as one of the 35 young achievers. She has also received the Hirakani Award. Her name finds a place in the Limca Book of Records. She was awarded for the most inspirational working woman award, She is the recipient of “The Aspire India Young Achiever Award 2011.“ She is a co-founder of Sportzilla.

Vaidehi Vaidya

Tell-A-Tale_Vaidehi_ Vaidya

Vaidehi is a TEDx speaker. She founded India’s first sports forum for women, called Women in Sport, India (WISI). After working in football field for 4 years, recently she has started her own company, Alter Ego, which is also a concept and marketing partner for Tell-A-Tale. She has been invited to many prestigious events, such as IIMs, Sports Analytics Conference, as a guest speaker. She believes Creativity Rocks! And this is the principle value of her company.

The best part is that entry is free. However, seating is limited therefore registration is mandatory.

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Event Details
Event Name
Tell-A-Tale Pune (3rd Edition)
Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha, Maharashtra Cultural Center, Udyog Bhavan Building,,Hirabaug Chowk, Dadawadi, Shukrawar , Pune-411042
Starting on
March 24, 2018
Ending on
March 24, 2018
About the Event
Tell-A-Tale is an initiative where extraordinary stories of sports persons are shared first hand.

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