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Sympulse’21: Pune’s Biggest College Fest Is Ready To Take Place On 14th May!

Although it may be taking place virtually this year, the buzz and excitement associated with Sympulse this year are no different than years before. Sympulse has prepared a 5 day rollercoaster of invigorating events that are sure to get you through the pandemic blues. Although we may not be able to physically interact with each other, we are still connected in mind, spirit, and terrible Wi-Fi connection!

The Sympulse Team has worked diligently to ensure that this year’s online events are just as memorable and engaging as years prior. From jumping into high-risk corporate simulations to laughing your worries away through light-hearted pop culture debates, Sympulse 2021 has it all! Sympulse even provides participants the chance to take advantage of their newly developed social media expertise with an Instagram Skill Championship!

Sympulse Events

Still not convinced? Sympulse has a wide variety of celebrity judges and cash prices available to make these virtual outings absolutely worth it. Our celebrity judges include Ishan Khedkar, a gaming video creator with over 3 million YouTube subscribers, and Medha Srivastava, a professional concept artist, cosplayer, and illustrator who was the first Indian woman to win an International award at the Dota International Tournament.

Lets check out their previos editions- https://www.campustimespune.com/sympulse-2020/

  • We don’t believe in talent

Fear not! Most of us spent the majority of lockdown making dalgona coffees and watching rap battles. How could these newfound skills possibly help us during virtual competitive events?

Sympulse’s events include quizzes related to sitcoms, music, and books! We even have a high-stakes competitive game of Valorant planned! You can finally justify all those hours spent playing online video games with your friends!

  • Golden Multitasking Opportunity

Let’s be honest. Most of our virtual web conferences end with us throwing our phones at the wall in frustration. If not the glitchy interfaces of Zoom and Google Meet then it’s our own terrible wi-fi connections.

Although the availability of online technology can be a little frustrating at times, what other opportunities are you ever going to have to attend events, make friends, watch Netflix and make a snack at the same time!

  • Global

Want to attend Sympulse but you live too far away? Want to attend an event but you have classes? Want to stay at the party but you have a curfew? Not anymore. Now you can jump between a MUN and a fashion show and land in EDM nights all without having to worry about missing a single thing.

This past year has been quite difficult but Sympulse’21 is a beacon of hope. Hope for a better and brighter future. When we have been stuck at homes unable to even step foot outside, Sympulse presents a platform to bring the world to you. So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s all come together to celebrate Sympulse, as the fest it’s meant to be.

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