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5 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Be The Next President of The United States of America

So we have two totally opposite presidential candidates for this Grand elections this year.

One is a head strong woman who has a long and windy history of being the wife of the former president of the United States also in other perspective, wife of the man who cheated on her. She’s one tough woman with lots of governing experience starting as a Senator from New York and then going on to be appointed as the 67th United States Secretary of State.

And other is a billionaire, with no brains behind his tongue, who aims to build a wall alongside US-Mexico border to ward of immigrants.

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Clinton has decades of experience both in and around the job and with regard to politics in general. She has proven to be a strong public speaker and as the ex-president is her husband, she enjoys strong financial support from a variety of sources. She isn’t afraid of taking up any fights and also enjoys strong minority votes. She lays strong appeals to woman in particular. She thinks tactically not strategically.

And talking of Trump he is an accomplished CEO. Charismatic public speaker. He has strong brand management and is a billionaire. He too is a deadly fighter. And appeals strongly to those most likely driven to vote by fear. Able to own a news cycle better than most. He tends to speak without thinking and is highly reactive (could be easily manipulated), appeals to relatively narrow demographic. Doesn’t appear “presidential.” And he lies needlessly and excessively. Disruptive in a scary way.


With Clinton’s recent hold on some issues during the debate is was clear that she isn’t very conservative about social issues in relation to trump. She doesn’t appeal to those that want change. But compared to honesty she is been voted as more honest than trump.  She enjoys majority of those that have some ethical reason for whom they choose. There are a few questionable past decisions or deals related to her tenure of getting the nomination. For example, her Husband’s behavior. She has also shown to be very overconfident.

Ethics and Public Manners

Democracy is a number game and Trump is playing to his supporters by offending the minorities. He is a deadly fighter as I said. Recently a news hit up the internet regarding him tweeting without thinking. He lashed out bad comments on the former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. He also body shamed and posted that she was the worst of all. He is ethically very poor and clearly isn’t acting like any presidential candidate should.

Hillary is Pro Choice

On numerous issues, the hopefuls’ positions adjust to the political stage of their gathering — Clinton is pro choice, Trump is pro life. If we really have to discuss on the topic of who is going to win this year’s election, I would say Clinton. She clearly has better policies though they are not well planned and worked out. And also has strong sources to enact laws for the change of the country. She isn’t stopping immigrants’ and others to stay in America nor is she socially degrading them or hampering their Dalit activities. She puts her campaigns against some reforms but in a way that doesn’t really affect the maximum population.

The World is Better Off Without Trump

Trump has shown regular attacks on some groups in America and is acting very illogically. Misogynist, racist, islamophobic, fascist, sexist is some of the words that are synonymous with Trump. Mr. Trump has successfully tapped the growing disenchantment and the anti-political mood among the Americans. He is seen as a messiah.

He talks issues which directly affect the Americans – migration, gun laws, tax, stagnating wages, unemployment. He oozes confidence and charm on stage and is unabashed while talking about controversial issues – Iraq war, trickle down economics, anti-migration sentiment, 9/11. He might not be an intellectual but he is a crowd puller.

The voters who support Trump can be termed unethical. Most of them are hostile and indifferent towards the minorities. This shows lack of empathy, care and feeling of fraternity in a Nation which proudly recognizes itself as the most diversified democracy. The patriarchal supporters are against the Democratic ideal of equality. In this manner Clinton will have to be fiercer in pulling the remaining crowd towards her so that the migrant crowd of America understands the atrocities it would face having a Trump-ruled country.

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