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President Donald Trump – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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After the Electoral College ended with the Democratic Party losing to the wits and might of the Republican, we take a look at what the people might have in store under the Presidency of Donald John Trump. In the following article, we’re going to discuss the good, bad and the ugly of Trump’s winning the 2016 elections.

The Good

When people vote for you there certainly isn’t a doubt that some of the things one would like to do for you has been highly appreciated (on a very virtual ground). Having said that lets have a look at few of the GOOD things that America can expect in the upcoming years following the slogan “Make America Great Again”:

Stop on Illegal Immigration

This is one of the few steps which should be taken under strict monitoring from all means of transport/ migration. After demanding to build a wall between Mexico and the States, Mr. Trump will look to reduce the illegal immigrants that come into the country looking for opportunities to work or as the President would say, to violate the nation. People migrating from the borders of America would now have to face a lot of checks as the law and order seems to be strengthened more than ever. This certainly will be one of the acts that would support our next point.

Offshoring of American Jobs

One of the major reasons for Mr. Trump to be elected as the President is that he has vowed to provide jobs to every American within their country. This would annoy a lot, if not everyone except the Americans. The decision looks to have become a golden feather for Mr. Trump as the people will now look forward to better job opportunities and would certainly demand a preference above others.

There are multiple factors involved in this decision considering the number of people coming from different nations to work and earn better in America. It would be good to see how Mr. Trump implements this thought and what would be the effects of it.

Strategist at Economics (from a Good perspective)

A person can either be brave or choose to listen to his heart when the world is suffering from an economic slag.
All of his decision hardly seem to follow the rules and regulations as Trump favors free enterprise. He has a liberal approach to all economic policies and always makes his say to be the last word of each negotiation. Few would argue over the fact that Trump is great at negotiating deals with business tycoons over the world. (P.S. He does it for personal satisfaction only; time might change the way America thinks!)

Few other statements which were given by Mr. Trump that seem to be a Good decision as a President are :

  • Exemption on Tax in Church
  • Death Penalty to the criminals
  • Growth of Charter Schools in America
  • Thumbs up to Fracking in America
  • Awareness of China as a military threat

The Bad

Just like Spiderman says “With great power, comes great responsibility” (quoted by Stan Lee) but when you got a President who has a history like Mr. Trump, one simply cannot ignore the negatives which will come with the power.

Let us take a look at the things that could go BAD in the near future:

Regional Biasing/ Racism

Trump has been very impulsive when it comes to being secular. His tweets from the recent past about the crimes being committed in America and blaming Latin and Black people for the same certainly do not shower any blessings on him. He also questioned the now, former President of the United States Mr. Barack Obama about being a citizen of the United States and his birth in a different caste. His comment on Muslims and terming them as terrorists in unison does not help create any sort of Peace situation in the States.

African-Americans contribute to a huge part of the population, or rather the society of America. People would now fear, rather than considering it an opportunity to work in America.

Decision making as a Team

Trump has always been a man on a mission of keeping himself happy. With no signs of diplomacy around his decisions and talks, it would come as a big surprise if DJT would even consider his team’s opinion before taking any decision under his term as The President.

The Ugly

All the decision by the President have to be unbiased and for the betterment of the country and its people. The only thing which would partially align with this statement and also be biased would be Mr. Trump acting as himself (and not Trump the President) all the time.

His decisions would be totally for the love of himself and the way he treats every business deal. His statements on the following things can definitely have a strong effect if dealt with proper justification following a process:

  • Statements on the Mexican people and the border
  • The effects of not obeying by the rules which he threatened to creates for the Mexicans
  • The threat to China over the trade policies
  • His negligence over a fixed economic reform (possibility of pulling out of NATO)
  • Him becoming the CEO and not the President of America

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