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Things to look forward to at Pune Heritage Festival 2018 taking place from 10th – 18th Feb

It is not every city in our country that creates opportunities to make heritage fun. That is exactly how Pune, the Oxford of the East stands out because of the Pune Heritage Festival. Pune Heritage Festival 2018 organised by Janwani – a non-profit organisation will be celebrated from 10th to 18th February across the city.

About Pune Heritage Festival 2018

The Pune Heritage Festival made a humble beginning in 2012, then known as “Virasat Pune Heritage Week.” It was initiated to commemorate the World Heritage Day on the 18th of April. It is now a widespread people’s movement to conserve heritage and culture.It aims to bring like-minded Punekars to ideate, inspire, innovate and implement ideas that render heritage conservation in a sustainable manner. History, Art, Archaeology Environment, Defense, Literature, Dance, Music and Theatre are some of the diverse themes based on which they conduct events.


Since the festival’s beginning, it has only grown bigger and better! This year the festival will be held from 10th to 18th February and is titled the Pune Heritage Festival 2018.

What can I do during Pune Heritage Festival 2018?

Loads! The schedule of the festival has something for everyone. Many organizations, individuals and venues like Janwani, NFAI, Nukkad Cafe, Nature Walk Outdoors have come together to create a multitude of diverse events. The events include heritage walks, nature trails, bus tours, workshops, exhibitions, campus tours, cultural events, cycle rallies, games & quizzes and film screenings.

But these kind of festivals usually have expensive registration costs…

Hardly. That’s the beauty of the festival. The registration costs range from Rs. 20 to Rs. 1400. It lets you enjoy all of these events and rest assured, there won’t be a hole burnt right through your pocket.

Sounds great!

Count me in!


There is more. The finale act of the festival promises to be quite a show stopper. A Janwani signature event ShivaBhushan that will present a theatrical play in the memory of late Ninad Bedekar by Mrs. Amruta Satbhai at The Pavillion (Terrace), Senapati Bapat Road, Pune. There is a Mardani Khel demonstration and interactive session as a precursor to Shivabushan showstopper.

About Janwani

Janwani is an organisation that is behind the planning and execution of the Pune Heritage Festival. It is a non-profit organization whose name translates to ‘voice of the people’. It was in 2006 that the organization was born as an initiative of the Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (MCCIA Pune). Janwani in collaboration with the Pune Municipal Corporation, SWaCH Cooperative (waste-pickers organization) and Cummins India Ltd. have created a zero garbage model and also represent various socio-economic classes in the city.

They could use your help. Support Janwani and their noble action of putting together the Pune Heritage Festival.

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Event Details
Event Name
Pune Heritage festival 2018
All across Pune City,-411001
Starting on
February 10, 2018
Ending on
February 18, 2018
About the Event
Pune Heritage Festival 2018 is set to take place in the city from 10th February to 18th February 2018. Check out the entire schedule and register yourself today!

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