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37th Edition of PICT InC 24 (Impetus and Concepts) is here! April 5th to 7th, 2024

The 37th edition of PICT’s flagship event, InC (Impetus and Concepts) 24, is slated to take place from April 5th to 7th 2024 and promises to be an extraordinary celebration of innovation, creativity, and technological prowess. With a rich history of setting unparalleled standards, PICT InC has firmly established itself as one of the premier platforms for showcasing groundbreaking ideas, designs, and innovation.


Over the years, PICT InC has earned national and international recognition, setting a benchmark for excellence in fostering talent and providing a platform for emerging innovators to shine. This inter-college international-level competition has not only caught the attention of corporate giants but has also garnered widespread acclaim for its role in guiding and mentoring participants for their projects and providing spot job opportunities.

At the heart of PICT InC lies a series of technical competitions designed to test the technical acumen of individuals and teams across various engineering branches and domains. The competition welcomes participation from all corners, offering a diverse range of categories including application development, database management, big data analytics, communication technologies, networking, security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and much more.

One of the standout events within InC is “Concepts,” a renowned inter-collegiate competition where final-year students showcase their innovative projects. With participation from colleges across India and abroad, Concepts serves as a platform for students to present their ideas and receive valuable feedback from industry professionals. The competition also offers on-the-spot job offers and internships, underscoring its commitment to bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Another highlight of InC is “Impetus,” an international inter-collegiate competition aimed at junior-year students. This event is designed to align with current trends and harness the enthusiasm of students in their early years of study. Participants present their projects across various domains, showcasing their potential and creativity while gaining valuable exposure and guidance.

Additionally, “Pradnya” offers a unique programming challenge, attracting skilled coders and novices from around the world. This dual round event tests participants’ coding skills, logical analysis, and problem-solving abilities, providing a platform to showcase their expertise and enhance their coding style.

As we gear up for the eagerly awaited 37th edition of PICT’s flagship event, InC (Impetus and Concepts), we’re proud to announce the support of esteemed sponsors such as eQ Technologic, Sarvatra Technologies, Ayaan autonomous systems, Intanges, Imocha,Veritas, Cloud Hedge, and Imperial. These industry leaders are committed to nurturing talent and fostering innovation, making this upcoming event an exciting platform for aspiring engineers to showcase their skills and ideas. With their generous support, InC’24 is poised to be a transformative experience for all involved.

In conclusion, the 37th edition of InC promises to be an exhilarating journey filled with creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology. As participants from across the globe come together to showcase their talents and ideas, InC reaffirms its position as a driving force in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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